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tenten - A Web3 agency: We are at the frontier of blockchain technology; Built by Degens - Designers, Developers, and Marketing Hackers from the third web layer 🧠

We believe the blockchain space has a massive potential to disrupt every facet of our economy. It’s a matter of when and how not if. We strive to be bold by working with a range of both established organizations and businesses that want to utilize the power of Blockchain in their products and services. We focus on creating rich and engaging user experiences with strategy that can help you appeal to an ever-growing market.

Web3 - What does this mean for

Spoiler alert: It's not about selling NFTs.

Also, we believe Web3 is not just leveraging blockchain technology to build smth. It's about using purposeful experience design and strategy to leverage data and creating a brand utility that supports your business and marketing efforts.

When we see how most brands launch NFT drops or Tokens, we don't see the long-term value in just selling or listing, we'see real contribution to the greater community. We're more focused on partnering with you to create thoughtful, innovative applications that can support it's community entire lifecycle from awareness through post-purchase behaviors - with each application being practical for years after it launches. It's all about paper hands!
Relationships based on trust.

Secure your project with an awesome team, building trust within your community.

Web3's experts:

Tenten combines a tailor-made service, performed by the most specialized Web3 team on the market, with a strategic and proven vision of the strategies related to the web3 world.

Web3 innovation:

Proactivity and priority access to new products, exclusive Alpha/Beta (Whitelisting) and access to the latest market strategies.

Our Clients in BlockChain

HTC VIVE expands VIVERSE with the launch of the VIVE Arts NFT store
Kronos Research
Kronos delivers superior trading performance and liquidity through our advanced trading infrastructure and deep quantitative research capabilities
The First Decentralized and Secure Blockchain OS
ORSUS is not only a blockchain platform but a service that brings together people who love the performing arts.
CoinMarketCap is the world's most-referenced price-tracking website for cryptoassets in the rapidly growing cryptocurrency space

Want to shape Blockchain’s future? You’re in good company.

Website Development
Optimise the customer experience with a feature-rich and intuitive website design that drives conversions.
Discord & Telegram
Looking for guidance while you set up a Discord server for your NFT brand?
Email Marketing
Entice customers and prospects to take specific actions using personalised messaging that promotes your brand.
Organic Social
Discord, Telegram, Reddit, Twitter. Engage your audience on their favourite platforms to foster meaningful relationships that build trust.
Influencer Marketing
Turbo-boost engagement and sales with strategic influencer campaigns that create a big buzz around your brand.
Leverage stellar media relations expertise to boost brand exposure and positively influence public opinion.
Full-Stack Blockchain Development
Ignite efficient growth with specialist blockchain development services
Put the spotlight on your brand and stand out from the crowd through inspired design and branding services.

How we collaborate with our clients to start a Web3 project?

step 1
Tokens become the new marketing: start with MetaMask

MetaMask is one of the world's most widely used crypto wallets, with more than 10 million monthly active users, and the leading gateway to blockchain apps.

The holy grail for digital marketing professionals is to engage people. It feels as if their close friend or family member is talking to them. Instead of loyalty points, tokens will become the new digital marketing. People can use tokens to engage, buy, sell and also take an active part in shaping the future of the brand’s community.

step 2
Choose your network: What is more suitable for your Web3 project? Ethereum, Polygon, Polkadot or Solana?

What do we know About Ethereum's Role in Web 3.0 and the Metaverse so far? Ethereum has become a perfect middle for Web3 to buidl, however its not the most environmental friendly at the moment, and we are here to access your needs together with the lowest env. impact!

Anonymity and accessibility is one of the biggest reasons why the community love Web3 projects and that's how we believe efficiency and impact are the most important form factors.

When we are building any Web3 product campaign, we always follow strict Web3 protocols and let the community know that we have a strong tech background and commitment to transparency.

step 3
Let the world know about your project and start to build your community!

Once you have MVPs, we could help you to build your website and community to tell the world about your cause for the Web3 vision.

We leverage some standard technologies we have been using to promote your projects like One-click Login with Blockchain's wallet MetaMask, Headless Web, and community engagement on platforms such as Discord and Twitter. the main platforms that proliferate Web3 information.

And here are things we've learned from promoting Web3 projects recently, our go-to marketing kit for Web3 is usually Twitter, Discord, Website + Community.

- Product Hunt is somewhat skeptical about crypto.
Hacker News probably hates crypto altogether.
Twitter seems to be the place the web3 crowd hangs at, but many web3 projects on Twitter use paid shills / fake followers / fake engagement / overall shady tactics and FOMO – and it's difficult to break through that noise
Discord groups feel a bit like Twitter, plus it's challenging to know what the best servers are the result is the product launch didn't get much attention.

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We Accept BTC/ ETH

tenten accepts crypto for digital services since 2016!

ethereum currency

“I am completely thrilled to reveal that our agency, Tenten Digital accepting cryptocurrency as a form of payment since 2016. We only accepted BTC before, but we are accepting Bitcoin[BTC], Ethereum[ETH], and Tether[USDT] for now, with the aim of expanding the digital currencies we accept in the future.”

- Founder and CEO, Erik

Details and FAQ

We know launching a Web3 ain't easy, so do you have any successful case studies?

Sure. Our clients in blockchain including HTC Vive Arts, KRONOS TOKEN, Cartesi, and the list goes on. Check out more non-blockchain related case studies here.

Growth Hacking of Web3/ NFT - Discover How We 3-4x The Conversions Of Our Clients On Average Without Increasing Ad Spend here.

What is Web3 marketing?

Web3 marketing is a niche marketing spectrum focused on strategy + development + community. The goal of Web3 digital marketing is to build well-connected, intelligent, and open applications to expand the company’s presence using web3 platforms.

Why does Web 3.0 matter?

Large organizations such as Google and Facebook control the Internet to use users’ data to their own benefit. Web 3.0 has created a scenario where users have regained ownership and accessibility over personal and general data.

In addition, Web 3.0 has the advantage of decentralization of data. Web 3.0 is faster, transparent, more secure, offers mutual ownership, and provides enhanced UX. In other words, Web 3.0 can eliminate users’ dependency on intermediaries and shift the value back to the sources in a network.

As a business owner, your focus should be to create NFT products and communities to bring high returns on your investment by building a strong user base without the need to pay to networks like Google and Facebook for using their platforms and Ads of the past. In the Web 3.0 world, you will create and manage your data, building genuine and engaged community.

How will Tenten promote a business with Web 3.0 marketing?

We are full-service digital product agency with more than a decade of experiences, so we’re experts at using the right combination of digital tools and media channels to provide you with a results-oriented Web3 digital marketing plan. We promote your business leveraging SEO, data, social media, crypto communities, email campaigns, mobile friendly websites, paid sponsorships, smart advertising, and much more!

Will Web 3.0 marketing help to generate leads and sales?

Sure, Web3 marketing is an effective and scalable way of creating more leads and sales using different sources and channels. It is essential from the beginning to have crisp leads and sales goals. Therefore, you must outline the sales objective before rolling out a Web3 marketing plan for a strong community.

The best way to establish leads and sales goals or objectives for your business is by defining what your prospective growth agenda is. A performance-focused Web3 marketing agency will utilize these figures to develop a sound digital marketing plan.

How can I get started with Web 3 marketing?

To get started with Web3 digital marketing and leverage its benefits to the fullest, you can connect with our team of crypto marketing experts.