A website foreigners would not be deterred from learning Chinese


Chineasy was founded by ShaoLan Hsueh, a London-based Taiwanese entrepreneur who couldn't find a way to inspire children to learn Chinese, so she created an innovative visual approach to make reading Chinese easy and fun by picturing it.

Background and Challenges

Learning a foreign language is a very difficult task for many people, and Chinese is recognized worldwide as one of the most difficult languages to learn. Therefore, it is not easy to design an image learning method that is acceptable to foreigners. It was also a challenge for the team to present the website in such a way that foreigners would not be deterred from learning Chinese.

Project Process

Tenten's international team assisted Chineasy in creating an easy-to-understand graphic animation on the official website so that foreigners would not feel funny when reading the website. The design was simple, cute and functional, and the new website was created using the most popular low code CMS platform - Webflow.


The Solution

With the cooperation of our team, Chineasy has a new look. Following the style of Chineasy's own design images, we animated the images and presented them in the whole website. We also designed the site with the digital device in mind (Mobile First) to attract young people and create a connection through the fast information generation of the Internet with easy visuals. We have also integrated the sales e-book page, so that consumers who like the Chineasy concept can purchase intuitively.