We help our clients build products and brands that solve difficult problems, and positively impact people’s lives

Tenten designers, marketers, and developers reviewing design revisions at team meeting

Our values are things we hold close to our heart and inform how we work, communicate, and live. When building products and communication, these values guide us to create our best work and positively affect our community.

Our values

Act/ Think Like Founder and Co-Founders

Ownership is a big part of our working style on any type of project. Our team makes it a priority to work and create solutions from a owner’s perspective, rather than just a stakeholder. This gives us a much bigger perspective on how our solutions will evolve and solve problems that may arise in the future.

Customer obssessed

Our team’s motto is “Build fast, test fast.” We are obsessed with what users have to say and feel about the product and solutions we are building. To create maximum value and positively impact customers' lives, user testing and customer feedback are crucial to all projects we participate in.

Simplicity First

Using an intuitive and easy to use product just feels different, you are able feel the thought put into each every detail of the product. Simplicity and ease of use is something that informs the decisions we make and the pixels we push on every project. We work to hold high a caliber of usability, legibility and coherence in everything we do.

Celebrate Differences

Our clients and team members comes from different backgrounds and have different experiences in different fields. Together we create a boiling pot of multi-talented and diverse perspectives all working together to build amazing things. We celebrate the unique perspectives and angles our clients and team members bring to the table.

Our process


We leverage extensive research and the latest design methodologies to provide users with products and experiences that create value through any device.


Enlightened by the ideation phase, we sift through opportunities to identify that one-in-a-million idea for your business and your goals.


Test and test again. Design systems, prototyping, user interviews and rapid iterations are the name of the game.


We are committed to shipping products that withstand time and technological advancements. We package our hard work into a digestible brief that your team can access and use for years to come.

Our team

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Erik Chen
Managing Director
Rae Yu
Marketing Manager
Clark Kent
Tech Lead
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Account Associate
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Design Assistance
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Design Assistance
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Marketing Assistance
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Studio Coordinator
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Account Manager
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Account Associate
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Design Associate
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