8 Best Web3 Discord Servers to promote your brand

8 Best Web3 Discord Servers to promote your brand

Some Discord servers focus on markets, while others focus on education and news. Regardless, there should be a crypto Discord community for everyone. We recommend you join several servers to see which one fits your company and brand.

Best Crypto Discord Servers

Crypto Rand

Crypto Rand is the largest trading-focused server on the list. It has over 2,000 users online most days and nearly 20k members in total. You\’ll need to verify you\’re not a bot, bypassing some simple tests. From there, you\’ll get access to the best insight and info the server has to offer. We recommend you go through every channel and learn what each one is about.

Crypto Show

Crypto Show is a community for helping newer crypto enthusiasts and educating people with announcements and news related to blockchain. They have over 1.7k members and grow larger every day. The moderators of the server will often share faucets, airdrops, and other great companies once they\’re thoroughly vetted. For brands also promote promising currencies and projects to their members. Overall, the admins do a decent job evaluating projects and ensuring they\’re legit.

Crypto Moon

Crypto Moon is a very diverse group that covers many niches and topics within the blockchain. This server is exciting because they actively encourage entrepreneurs to promote their brand or company on their Discord server. This channel has a very business-focused feel, with sections dedicated to sponsors, advertisers, and many other topics.

Crypto World

Crypto World has 2.5k members and is geared for more advanced traders and investors. Common topics include intelligent and algorithmic trading, so don\’t come here thinking they cater to beginners. Note, they require verification to join to protect against things such as bots which are relatively common in the crypto community. Again if your project is heavily focused on trading and investing, this would be a great community to look into.


This Discord community is a community for the cryptocurrency sub on Reddit. Because it has ties with such a large site, they have a massive following of 27k members, making it the most significant server on this list. It also shows that crypto is no longer a niche interest and is becoming mainstream. This group is great for beginners looking to learn high-level info on bitcoin, blockchain, and crypto use cases. Therefore, it\’d be great for any company with content written for newbies.


SpaceStation is a massive Discord community with 9.5k members and anywhere from 1-2k users online at any given time. This community has a major altcoin following, and discussing tokens like XRP, ETH, and LTC are very popular. They have different channels dedicated to developers, mining, and Defi as well. The community is very active, and you\’ll witness members advising on trades in real-time. This would be a solid channel for any crypto entrepreneur looking to promote a good token.

Astro Club

Join a fast-growing NFT community bound together by Astro Club NFTs.

Cracking Crypto

Cracking crypto has an astounding 11k members, making it one of the most significant communities on the list in terms of members. With almost 2,000 users online, it\’s very active, with many traders and investors trading ideas back and forth. One unique thing about this server is that they have dedicated channels for trading signals, which gives people great insight on markets they otherwise wouldn\’t have.

Cryptex Commonwealth

Cryptex Commonwealth is a highly active community with nearly 9k members and several hundred people online at any given time. This group covers every topic imaginable, including trading, investing, mining, software, and decentralization. It has sections dedicated to real-world news and use cases like politics and security for crypto.

Conclusion: Best Crypto Discord Servers

All in all, there\’s a crypto Discord community for every type of person on the list. Whether you want a more casual, laid-back or profit-focused community is really up to you. Several crypto Discord communities allow businesses and advertisers to promote their products, so that\’s also an avenue worth checking out.

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