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Our WordPress Speed Optimization Services can help you solve slow site problems, fix Core Web Vitals issues, score higher in Google PageSpeed Insights, troubleshoot slow backend issues, optimize Woocommerce checkout speed & much more.

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Get a FREE Audit - see how we can help improve your site speed!

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Why is site speed important?

If you get on this page, you're probably having some issue with your site filling gradually or are seeking to speed it up as high as feasible.I'm sure you're well aware that I don't even need to inform you that if an internet site is slow to fill, you'll quite rapidly lose patience and go somewhere else.

Your website is not various.Your Google rankings, your Adwords and Facebook ads, and all the leads that come through your internet site are linked to your internet site's speed and individual experience.If your site is sluggish to load it irritates leads and even existing clients.

Google does not like slow websites and has publicly specified that dull websites won't place as high in the search engine result. Our experience dealing with customers on their SEO has validated this too.Google's Core Web Vitals metrics launched in mid-2020 put a lot more focus on website rate and also fast-loading websites.

They have shown that site rate will undoubtedly play an also more significant duty in their search engine optimization as well as natural formula moving forward in the future.It's tough to differ from the reality that a slow loading website has a significant adverse effect on the total efficiency of your service, brand name, and your bottom line, Improving site speed is relatively straightforward and at a high degree, includes a review of the present state of the website as well as the execution of a set of site rates and technological finest practices.

Executing some simple persisting processes will also ensure your website faster in the future. In tenten our Wordpress Speed Repair, we deal with sluggish packing sites and song quick websites to obtain them loading as fast as possible.
Because we started in 2010, we have optimized more than 100 sites now!

How Can We Help You?

Test your site speed
Get detailed insights & recommendations on your site speed, for free, in under 60 seconds with our nextgen site speed test tool, SiteSpeedBot

Get a FREE site speed audit
Find out how our site speed services can help you with a free site audit and review performed by one of our team

The FASTEST WordPress Hosting
A fast site starts with fast hosting, these are the fastest hosts we’ve found & use ourselves

running Woocommerce

can be very resource hungry but still a great result.

Our Done-For-You Site Speed Optimization Services

USD 1,200/ once
Yearly Contract. Advanced Core Web Vitals Optimization
Our Advanced Optimization Services specifically looks to optimize for Google’s Core Web Vitals metrics and is designed for small businesses looking to pass the core web vitals test.
can optionally migrate you to a better host
includes licenses for key site speed optimization plugins
sitewide optimization which is key for core web vitals
a focus on improving the key web vitals metrics, TTFB, FCP, LCP, CLS, FID & Javascript
best for established sites looking for a fix to core web vitals issues
*Not recommended for sites that are highly monetized or that cannot tolerate downtime – if your site has low risk tolerance we recommend our consult service where implementation risks can be discussed in advance.
USD 2,400/ once
Site Speed Consultation
Our Site Speed Consultation is for sites that want to go as fast as absolutely possible or where some optimization has been done but it’s not enough. With this service we do an upfront audit and analytics, collate detailed recommendations and then schedule in a consult call to discuss in detail and plan the implementation with you.

Our team can do the work directly or work with your existing team to deploy it.
upfront full site analysis and audit
detailed recommendations and action plan created before any implementation performed
consult call to discuss action items in detail
implementation can be done for you or done in conjunction with your team
best for sites that are well monetized and want to pass core web vitals too
includes full site speed consult service AND detailed SEO analysis, audit and recommendations

Customer Results & What To Expect

In the past, typically, most of our customers who acquired our WordPress Speed Optimization services will see their website's lots time decline to someplace between the 1-2.5 second mark.
Many start at someplace in between 5-10 secs, commonly extra, although many consumers do not always have a slow website, they want it maximized and loading as quickly as possible.
That stated, with the launch of Google's Core Web Vitals Metrics in mid-2020, the website rate is far more multi-dimensional than an essential rate examination of a homepage.

Today, our optimization work focuses on enhancing numerous key website speed metrics and timings, including DNS resolution rate, TTFB, FCP timing, LCP timing, load time/document full time, page weight, and the conventional fully loaded time statistics.
Website uptime and integrity are crucial elements of a consistently fast-loading site, so we have also integrated some website protection optimizations into our solutions.

In terms of site speed goals, we preferably want our rate timings to look something similar to this:TTFB at 0.1-0.2 seconds in the nation where the site is hosted and also 0.2-0.5 internationally.FCP (first contentful paint) which is when the website starts to show up (i.e., make) to the site visitor at or under 1.5 secondsLCP (largest contentful paint), which is when the website provides is mainly total, under 4 seconds but preferably as near the LCP as feasible, generally within 1 second of the LCP is fast.

Lots time (file total) at 1.5-2.5 secs
Fully packed, which is a more standard speed metric, although not so appropriate in 2020 and the past, can differ a lot depending on the 3rd party code being used. This is still the metric that several popular devices like GTMetrix focus on.

Usually we'd anticipate to see this timing 1-2 seconds greater than the tons time but this greatly depends on the type of site. As an example, with a Woocommerce site, this might easily be 3-5 secs higher depending on the marketing code being used.
We do previous, and after speed examinations with every website, we deal with. We test your whole website with our greater level services because the rate and dimension of all pages are essential. Below are some recent results our customers have seen.

Suppose you want to see how fast or sluggish your website is right currently and obtain some insights into where your site speed could be enhanced. In that case, our speed examination tool is entirely complimentary, takes less than 60 seconds, and will uncover speed optimizations and opportunities. Nothing else tool on the marketplace presently probes for!
Head Google Lighthouse test and try it on your own (do 2-3 examinations to obtain a precise ordinary tons speed).
Product-lead Growths
Agency–Subscription Model for fast moving brands.
Product-lead Growths
Agency–Subscription Model for fast moving brands.
Product-lead Growths
Agency–Subscription Model for fast moving brands.
Product-lead Growths
Agency–Subscription Model for fast moving brands.
Product-lead Growths
Agency–Subscription Model for fast moving brands.
Product-lead Growths
Agency–Subscription Model for fast moving brands.
Product-lead Growths
Agency–Subscription Model for fast moving brands.
Product-lead Growths
Agency–Subscription Model for fast moving brands.