Project description

When 1Bite2Go partnered with tenten for an overhaul of it’s one of the restaturant brand “1Bite2Go”, we knew from our research that bold and clean brand imagery was key in the new design. We wanted to recreate American diner experience by paying homage to early 20th story telling with BOLD typography. Please enjoy the tasty 1bite2go website.

User Interface


User Experience


Search Engine Optimization


Front End Development


Back End Development


User Friendly Interface

Users can easily choose a meal on the side tab menu, and the display is clear and simple. We highlight not only the friendly menu selection, but also the clear strategy layout and the smooth story telling flow. We provided services including customizing their CMS, SEO, and multi-language support.

Tablet / Mobile Available

The website supports all different screen-sizes, responds to the needs of the users and the devices they're using. The layout changes based on the size and capabilities of the device.

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