End-to-end website development for a Dutch start-up helping urbanites commute in style one bike at a time.



Born from a love for bicycles, VanMoof is an ambitious young Dutch company that has won numerous design awards and was eager for change. With a talented young development team and a fresh worldwide business approach, VanMoof has since raised €19M in funding and is now selling 100% of its products through its digital channels.

What we did

Working closely with VanMoof, Tenten delivered an end-to-end process, from development, deployment on a global server on Amazon Web Service, user experience (UX), user interface (UI), and technology implementation. The website has more than 6 languages and a CMS system where our client can manage content and copy easily and quickly. The website’s core feature is the ability to allow users to customize and choose the right bike for their needs which gives users and VanMoof the ability to give each other just what they need.


The website and campaign we cooperated with VanMoof on have successfully generated 1 million euros of profit within the first month. The huge success of this website and campaign won them the title "The Tesla of electrical bikes". Tenten has been responsible for their digital branding design strategy for more than three years. With the assistance of Tenten, VanMoof now has entirely become a brand that focuses on e-commerce that sells its products all over the world.


Fun-ctional and clear

During our design process of the VanMoof website, we wanted the website to be fun to shop at yet functional, and all the info is presented in a way that is easy to understand. We think that it is important to the payment process of our users. Thus we studied the user experiences to make a payment page where users do not need to jump to another page to sign up and check out. By decreasing the complexity of checkout, users can spend less time on this step and make the preorder phase more user-friendly.


What’s a Rich Text element?

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Static and dynamic content editing

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How to customize formatting for each rich text

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