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Project description

Amba Hotel is a boutique design hotel based in Taipei, Taiwan, with the emphases on modern, young and fun tailored to urban travelers. Working with Amba Hotel, a website embedding the emphases of the hotel was created with the center of user experience and content. This is a project which involves customized Content Management System (CMS) platform, search engine optimization (SEO), and responsive web design (RWD).

User Experience


User Interface


Search Engine Optimization


Front End Development


Back End Development


What we did

Taking into account Amba Hotel's international clientele, we built a website supporting several languages. With RWD principles in mind, the website is good for all screen sizes. As a result, we also optimized user experience and search results.

Internally, a clear-sorted CMS platform was customized for our partner to facilitate the management of content on the website without prior code knowledge.

Fully tailored

This is a comparatively comprehensive project of building a website. The general principle is content-first design. As a result, we followed SEO practices to maximize Amba Hotel visibility online. We also help our partner analyze the statistic with Google Analytics to turn data insights into actionable business solutions.

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