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De-code the growth formula with marketing services: Community management from founders perspective - HyperGrowth™

Community Building

$ 5,900 USD
For early-stage team
  • Community Management
  • Promotion in blockchain platforms
  • Maintain Activeness in community
  • Social Media Content Creation
  • Social Media Management
  • Twitter Followers Organic Growth
  • Weekly Community Data Report

Web3 Marketing

$ 12,900 USD
For teams that require higher levels of customization and marketing support
  • Community Building Package
  • Growth Strategy Consulting
  • Website Production (Landing Page)
  • Standard English PR Marketing
  • 4 Crypto Investor Influencer Promotions
  • 2 Crypto Audience Online Events
  • Daily Support & Weekly Reporting


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For teams and companies with complex requirements and support
  • Smart Contract Testnet Development
  • Smart Contract Mainnet Development
  • PFP NFTs Minting Function Development
  • Basic NFT Launch Solution
  • MetaMask Integration
  • Basic Web Development
  • Full After-Deployment Support
  • Daily Support & Weekly Reporting

Connect with top influencers, KOLs, and leading Web3 media with us.

Our extensive professional network is here to help grow your business by connecting you with people and companies quickly, saving you countless hours of valuable time.


We know launching a Web3 ain't easy, so do you have any successful case studies?

Sure. Our clients in blockchain including HTC Vive Arts, KRONOS TOKEN, Cartesi, and the list goes on. Check out more non-blockchain related case studies here.

Growth Hacking of Web3/ NFT - Discover How We 3-4x The Conversions Of Our Clients On Average Without Increasing Ad Spend here.

Where can I promote my Web3 or ICO project?

Despite specific advertising platforms imposing constraints on Web3 and cryptocurrency promotions, many locations remain where you can amplify the visibility of your fledgling ICO or mature Web3 project. We ensure your cryptocurrency or ICO effectively merits you by fostering lively community interactions and devising a unique, all-encompassing marketing and advertising blueprint that communicates it.

How will Tenten promote a business with Web 3.0 marketing?

We are full-service digital agency with more than a decade of experiences, so we’re experts at using the right combination of digital tools and media channels to provide you with a results-oriented Web3 digital marketing plan. We promote your business leveraging SEO, data, social media, crypto communities, email campaigns, mobile friendly websites, paid sponsorships, smart advertising, and much more!

What are the best marketing channels for my Web3 project?

The most effective marketing and advertising avenues efficiently connect you with your intended audience without exceeding your financial constraints. The specifics of these channels will fluctuate based on the nature of your cryptocurrency endeavor, be it an ICO or a Web3 project. Some of the most utilized promotion mediums for cryptocurrency initiatives encompass:

- Community involvement (Discord, Twitter)
- Public relations and Outreach
- Influencer Marketing
- SEO and Content Marketing
- Advertisements (PPC/Social Media)

We believe that  community management is the cornerstone for success of every Web3 startups.

What kind of Web3 marketing services does Tenten provide?

We are a full-service marketing agency that handles all your Web3 related marketing needs for a very reasonable budget. This extends from developing your brand persona to executing a comprehensive digital advertisement campaign from pre-ICO to post-ICO.

Our company offers various services, including social media marketing, crypto influencer marketing, PR strategies, crypto press releases, affiliate marketing, SEO strategies, airdrop and bounty campaigns, content marketing, video production, and email marketing.

How much does it cost to use a Web3 marketing agency?

The cost of hiring a Web3 digital marketing agency fluctuates based on the scale and extent of your campaign.  That said, our pricing is remarkably competitive, ensuring optimum returns on your investment. For a more precise estimate tailored to your financial plan, contact us. We'd be delighted to furnish a custom proposal to match your budgetary needs.

Will Web 3.0 marketing help to generate leads and sales?

Sure, Web3 marketing is an effective and scalable way of creating more leads and sales using different sources and channels. It is essential from the beginning to have crisp leads and sales goals. Therefore, you must outline the sales objective before rolling out a Web3 marketing plan for a strong community.

The best way to establish leads and sales goals or objectives for your business is by defining what your prospective growth agenda is. A performance-focused Web3 marketing agency will utilize these figures to develop a sound digital marketing plan.

How can I be sure that you will deliver results?

As a collective of data-driven Web3 digital marketers, we emphasize the ROI. We believe that transparency is key and so we’ll always keep you up to date with our progress so that you can see the results for yourself.Our combination of experience, expertise, and flexibility makes us as leading experts in the field of crypto marketing. Here's how we ensure top-tier outcomes for our clients:

1. We possess a dedicated team exclusively concentrated on cryptocurrency marketing.
2. We remain in the loop with the freshest industry news and trends.
3. We devise inventive solutions to assist our clients in surmounting the unique obstacles present in the cryptocurrency world.
4. We continuously track our campaigns to certify they attain the desired outcomes.
5. We maintain agility, adjusting our cryptocurrency strategies as necessary.
6. We propose competitive fees that accommodate your budget without compromising quality.

Every project deserves the expertise of a Web3 marketing specialist. Immersed in crypto, we understand what it takes to lead your Web3 project to success. Reach out to schedule a consultation. We'll collaborate to formulate a Web3 marketing strategy that propels your full potential.

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