Kronos Token

Website and identity refresh to inform and impress with Kronos’ blockchain technology.


Blockchain technology has become flourished and widely used, and many industries have set their sights on this emerging market.Blockchain technology has the characteristics of decentralization, anonymity, data immutability, persistency, and audibility. Due to these features, blockchain can safely and reliably record the information of various transaction types and intangible assets, greatly reducing the risk of security concerns. The potential values and huge business opportunities of blockchain will dramatically change our life and business model and will undoubtedly bring a digital revolution to the existing system.

Driving fintech innovation

A new era of blockchain is around the corner. However, the instability of the market often bewilder investors and fund traders. Therefore, Kronos intends to become a channel to provide the most equitable investment environment to the blockchain.

They hope to break the disadvantage of traditional financial transactions and make more scientific fund investments in the field of virtual currency through the characteristics of blockchain.

The Balance of information and legibility

Even though blockchain is the most popular technical term, the new operation model of the blockchain makes the concept look mysterious. Therefore, how to assist investors to understand the entire decentralized operation concept and guide them to obtain the necessary information is an important starting point.

Tenten’s team apply the sufficient knowledge of blockchain, systematically plan the architecture of the landing page with the passive perspective of investor demand and the active perspective of the client. Moreover, we use an infographic to explain how the fund subject is implemented under the blockchain and guide investors to understand the core value of the whole service.

Highlights and integrate the product personality

For investors, the most important thing is to understand the process of the plan. On the roadmap, we use the “Peer-to-peer Network” concept from the blockchain as the starting point of each stage; at each stage of operation, the graph increases the connection of points, lines, and planes from trihedral to polyhedral spheres, fully displaying the features of digital technology and blockchain.

Kronos Token