Diverse Skills, For Unique Solutions

Digital Product Design and Development Agency

We unite multi-disciplinary expertise across technology, marketing, data, communication and creativity to create client teams composed of experts in their own fields, working closely with you to explore, challenge and push the boundaries from every angle.

Removing traditional silos allows us to approach every opportunity holistically, making sure every interaction with your brand is consistently serving its purpose, regardless of the output - from your website to digital marketing and campaigns.

Brand Strategy

Our approach is rooted in data and psychology, providing a deep understanding of your audiences. Our team of cognitive scientists, psychologists, and linguists work collaboratively to tackle commercial challenges in the digital space, from analyzing emerging trends and sentiment to developing targeted marketing strategies and identifying ideal product audiences.
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Creative Communications

We combine a communication-focused approach and agile service with the creativity of advertising to provide high-quality output. Working at the intersection of your business strategy and creative expression, we help you bridge the gap between the technical and the meaningful, from brand proposition to impactful campaigns.
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Digital Marketing & SEO

At Tenten, we merge our research expertise with insights into human behavior, search engine optimization, conversion rate optimization, and paid search to deliver the appropriate content to your audience, at the appropriate time, on the appropriate platform, and in the appropriate stage of their journey, achieving maximum impact.
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Customer Experience (CX)

We merge our digital artistry with our knowledge of your constantly changing audiences to craft delightful experiences. Whether it's creating seamless digital journeys or revolutionizing immersive experiences, we possess the creative and technical skills to materialize your vision in any format.
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Our expertise extends beyond technical guidance, as we can also guide you through the selection of enterprise technology, support you in rapid prototyping and experimentation, and set your teams up for success. Whether you're dealing with monoliths or composable architectures, we deliver the appropriate level of flexibility to accommodate any system and any output.
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Trusted by Leading Enterprises

“tenten is unique in the industry with their start-up mindset”
Working with Tenten has been extremely helpful to our team as they have provided valuable insight into architecture and direction for our E-Commerce.
Calvin Chang, BESV