Ambassador Hotel

Project description

In addition to Ambassador Hotel Taipei – Taiwan’s first international-standard luxury hotel, which opened in 1962 – Ambassador has full-service hotels in Hsinchu and Kaohsiung. Tenten is honored to help Ambassador revamp the website which combines three different branches hotels' information.
Working closely together, the website is transformed with a refreshing, gorgeous and mild look, which is aligned with Ambassador Hotel's luxury branding.


What we did

The goal was to transform the website in terms of its layout. Thus, we defined the components and layout for the website to keep layout consistent. This, we believe, contributes to the clean and constructive website.
The concept of clean and constructive website is also reflected in the balance of information which was designed with clear framework and made the website neat and fluently operated. We also ensured user experience by having multi-language and mobile first design.

Mild and calm but not heavy

Digital experience is an important element in guest experience. In order to provide the same luxury experience both online and offline, the concept of the design and layout was based on the hotel's luxury branding, creating aligned digital experience.