Digital Website Design & Development services. Set up with the perfect, modern, high-converting website.

Great design is in our DNA. It’s core to our product and our brand. Everything we design is intended to be beautiful, compelling and clear in its purpose, while fitting to your identity.

tenten is a full-service agency, focus on designing and building beautiful websites, digital products, brands, and experiences.

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tenten CX & Design - Grow with tenten. Learn digital skills, prepare for a career and become a better designer. Tenten's talented team show you our unique way of working.

Quit your day job™,
Working at tenten means joining a group of people obsessed with making things that inspire new ways of thinking. It’s not bullshit, to us, It’s just a combination of code and good design, It’s been in our DNA since 2010.

What we can do

Shopify or Shopline Development
Producing customer-centric, conversion-focused Shopify websites that users will certainly keep in mind. If you are prepare to scale on WooCommerce、Shopify、Shopline、Magento , we are your perfect partner|companion.
Website Re-platforming
Whatever migration you are thinking about, you will need a solid approach to ensure the re-platforming process goes as efficiently as possible and deliver on schedule within budget.
Craft CMS Development
We love craft CMS!  It's a content-first CMS developed for bespoke websites providing flexibility in content modeling, front-end sights, and the checklist.
Security and Compliance
Hackers are constantly on the prowl for susceptible websites without proper security. Connect to your customers confidently with our security and conformity solutions.

Our Process

Kick off

Our first step with any Webflow project is to gather your requirements. We talk to our clients to understand their goals, target audience, persona, and the project's road map.

Define Purpose - We make a road map we can stick to when making sure the development process is headed in the right direction.

Identify Problems - We clarify the challenges and the problems that we should solve step by step.

In this phase, our goal is to discover exactly that - how your website will best serve your business. We will hop on a kick-off call and figure out everything we need to know about your project.


Now that we know what needs to be done, we need to start visualizing the plan for your project.

Wireframe - According to our functional map, we develop the wireframe laying out the design draft in a flow.

- Based on the wireframe and the user experience, we design the user interface with function and aesthetics.

- To communicate with programmers, UI designers make prototypes with Figma to demonstrate desired interactions.

Webflow Dev

Once we've executed all your revisions on the designs, we move into the Webflow development phase.

This is where our experienced development team will build you a beautiful, responsive, animated website that looks exactly like the designs you loved.

We guarantee that every element of the final product, every detail, will be exactly how you want it. This phase will build responsive development, RWD  include Desktop, iPad and Mobile, let’s defining a clear RWD device size.

We won’t build the version below 667px width (i.e. under iPhone 8), and only supports vertical RWD.

Launch & Handoff

Once you have approved the completed website, we can either transfer ownership to your account, or you can continue to have a professional Webflow agency manage your website on a retainer level, or on-demand.

Develop & Code - Our software engineers build the product, constantly communicating with the design team to ensure our clients' creative vision is fulfilled.

Test & Launch
- We beta test edge cases to make sure the product is free of major bugs. Then we release the product to the public!

Do you design and develop websites in-house?

Yes, we design and develop websites in-house. If you have less than $15,000 to spend, we will work with a customized theme — which gives you less control over appearance/options/animation, but you still get the important benefits of an **impactful, data-driven, SEO-sound, properly migrated marketing website.**

The websites we build fall into a wide range of budgets, but most of our design/dev project budgets are between $15,000-175,000. We focus on designing and developing for who your website is actually for — your clients or customers. Research is an important part of this process to ensure we build a site that will work for your business now and into the future, because sustainability is important to us.

"I’ve lead four organizational website redevelopments in my career and this is the most sustainable, turn-key product I’ve seen delivered.”

What CMS Do You Work On?

We have experience in pretty much every CMS - including Wordpress, Shopify, Bigcommerce, Squarespace, Wix, and even custom building a new CMS for our clients.

We find that Webflow and WorPress are the hands-down leader in the world of web design as it allows us to create a fully custom website with all the features and animations we like.

Where do you host the websites?

We use three different hosting suppliers and will advise accordingly based on the size of your website, the functionality required and expected traffic.

Will I be able to edit the content of my website?

Yes – most of it. Each website Tenten creates comes with a CMS (content management system - Webflow or WordPress). This means you can edit the text on the pages as often as you like and change things like special offers, photos, prices etc.

You will be given full training on the use of the simple CMS (content management system) and this is included in your website package.

Product-lead Growths
Agency–Subscription Model for fast moving brands.
Product-lead Growths
Agency–Subscription Model for fast moving brands.
Product-lead Growths
Agency–Subscription Model for fast moving brands.
Product-lead Growths
Agency–Subscription Model for fast moving brands.
Product-lead Growths
Agency–Subscription Model for fast moving brands.
Product-lead Growths
Agency–Subscription Model for fast moving brands.
Product-lead Growths
Agency–Subscription Model for fast moving brands.
Product-lead Growths
Agency–Subscription Model for fast moving brands.