Your way to a faster, and more effective site in China.

Connecting your website with the globe's biggest market. We can help you cross-border internet efficiency system and let sites load fast and host safely in China.

CDN Accelerator

tenten partners with the best Chinese CDN providers to provide comprehensive, easy and fastest content delivery solutions based on your needs!


Option A: ICP license
Total Cost: USD 5,000 / once
• Monthly fee: USD 90
billed annually
Your company need to be registered in China or a colleague with Chinese identity agrees to lend ID to local ICP agency for application. For example, Shanghai/ Beijing/ Hangzhou/ Shenzhen.
Host your site in China
ICP License
It can take more than 6 weeks to obtain an ICP Filing
Option B: Chinafy
Total Cost: USD 5,500 /once
• Monthly fee: USD 350 billed annually + overage
Chinafy can be completed in about 10-14  working days without having a registered company in China.
Use CDN to solve content delivery latency issues in China
Don't need to manually setup the server or code
Can be embedded in Wechat

Make your site work in China.

What is ICP certification?

Internet Content Provider (ICP) certification is a permit issued by the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), that required to operate a website in mainland China.

What is Chinafy?

Chinafy is a cloud-based platform that accelerates sites to ensure that they load both fast, and fully in China.

Why should I get a ICP or Chinafy

Compatibility - Compatibility is typically addressed on the Webpage-side, and not the Infrastructure side. For the most foreign site widget, which resources are outright blocked in China, and the vast majority of them don't load because the server/network is too slow.

Speed - Speed is a broad term that is impacted at many points along the web development chain. When the connection is slow, some resources will take too long, or simply fail to load.



當然!Tenten是一家CX Agency。我們相信無程式碼產品不應該看起來只是套版或是單純的網頁。我們為設計的解決方案看起來和完全定製的編碼一樣好而感到自豪。