Everrich Duty Free

A stress-free shopping experience to elevate Taiwan's duty-free industry in the international arena.


Founded in 1995, Everrich is the largest duty-free shop in Taiwan, whose goal is to promote the duty-free industry in Taiwan to the international arena. Utilizing professional, innovative, progressive, and globalized strategies, Everrich has built a wide array of diverse, localized, and creative shopping environment at international airports in Taiwan, including Taoyuan, Songshan, Taichung, and Kaohsiung.‍ This time, Tenten worked with Everrich to build a brand new digital identity and create a new way for users to shop for Everrich products online.

What we did

To create a new online shopping solution for Everrich, our team worked to create a way for users to pre-order products from the Everrich website and pick up once at the airport.

We designed a clean and minimal eCommerce website that provides comprehensive tax-free information, a friendly shopping environment, and attentive services without borders. We purposefully created a website that showcased all the products and their excellent quality clearly.

Native to all devices

More than half of all online shoppers browse and buy products on their phone and expect the mobile experience to be as good as on the desktops. To cater to this behavior, our website was designed accordingly.

Now, this perfect shopping experience with Everrich is unbroken on any devices of various screen sizes.

Everrich Duty Free

The shopping cart

Shopping online and picking up at the airports was still quite a new concept for duty-free stores around the world. Thus we created on-website animations and shopping process guidelines explaining the process and procedures effectively to new users.

Users only need to pre-order products on Everrich's website before leaving the country, and then pick up the pre-ordered products at Everrich merchandise service centers at the airport before boarding. There is no time and place restrictions anymore, and the shopping process is smooth and pleasant. This highly efficient shopping process and design provide a user-centric shopping experience.

Everrich Duty Free

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