B2B Website Digital Innovation, Propelling Taiwan's Bubble Tea Culture to Worldwide


YenChuan is a company that specializes in the production of Bubble Tea ingredients. Thanks to YenChuan's unique research and development techniques combined with high-quality Taiwanese raw materials, they have extended their sales network to over 30 countries around the globe, including the Americas, Europe, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Asia. Their vision is to introduce the innovative Taiwanese Bubble Tea (Boda) and its unique tea culture to every corner of the world.

After deep discussions with the founder, Sean, and understanding his entrepreneurial journey and the company's vision, we realized this wasn’t just a website design task. Our mission was to create an engaging B2B branding channel for YenChuan. Through the digital tools and branding strategies we introduced, YenChuan's team can now provide a superior customer service experience.

Background and Challenges

YenChuan wanted to revamp their website to give a fresh visual representation to their brand. They wanted more emphasis on design and functionality for their product offerings. Being a B2B supplier, they lacked a direct communication channel with their customers and aimed to establish a connection with their global clientele through a digitalized website.

We designed and developed an integrated B2B website combining Webflow and WordPress, focusing on modern aesthetics, interactive elements, and clear information dissemination. Understanding the significance of intuitive navigation and easy accessibility, we incorporated robust UX/UI principles into our design. A user-friendly interface was essential to ensure that YenChuan’s global clientele could quickly locate products and understand the brand's value proposition.

Process and Results

Using Webflow, we crafted an impressive homepage that is not only user-friendly but also boasts captivating animation effects. Through storytelling content, it vividly conveys the founder's passion and the aspiration to share Taiwan's unique Bubble Tea (Boda) culture with the world. With the integration of WordPress for product management, we achieved efficient product categorization and management. Users can now effortlessly explore and add products to their carts, offering a convenient shopping experience.

A highlight feature of the website is the AI video created using "Kaiber", which not only strengthens the brand's digital presence but also underscores Sean's mission and vision to promote "Taiwan's finest Bubble Tea to the world". This AI video enriches the website's multimedia content and provides an opportunity for deeper interaction with users.

The site boasts a flawless responsive web design (RWD), and the comprehensive B2B platform offers abundant information, making it easier for partners and users to connect. Whether it's for inquiries, product orders, or initiating collaborations, this streamlined interaction saves time, boosts efficiency, and offers a more convenient channel for B2B operations.


Catalog Management

B2B users desire the ability to organize catalogs, products, and pricing options according to their specific requirements. Assigning user catalogs to particular customer groups is one way to personalize the B2B shopping experience. From variable product options to tiered pricing, you should be able to create a variety of tailored catalog and agreement combinations for each B2B client.

Quick Ordering

B2B customers often know precisely what they want. By using forms, users can directly upload item numbers or SKUs, quickly adding products to their cart without the need for browsing and searching.

Inventory Management

By integrating with ERP, align the corporate inventory system to keep users fully informed about product availability. Failure to update inventory in real time can lead to out-of-stock situations after placing orders, potentially resulting in complaints.

  • Real-time ERP inventory updates.
  • Out-of-stock and restocking notifications.
  • Reminders for product reordering or periodic orders.

Staggered Delivery

If a user chooses to order in bulk due to a pricing advantage but lacks the storage space to accommodate such a large volume, you can offer the option for staggered deliveries. Allow users to split orders, select different delivery dates, and opt for various delivery location choices.


Integrations are needed for Line, Telegram, Whatsapp, bank transfer payments, and even credit point systems, as well as deferred payment services.

Online Customer Service

Integrate online communication tools to address their immediate queries. Implement online customer support (automated/manual) to function as sales representatives, for tasks such as placing orders on behalf of users, ordering samples, or checking inventory.