Branding Evolution Starts with Digital Impressions


Flying Tex, a leading global supplier for outdoor sports and functional fashion brands, has consistently offered innovative and cutting-edge services since its establishment in 1996. With the evolution of the digital age and the rising emphasis on sustainability in recent years, Flying Tex has not only continued to meet the needs of its customers but has also been dedicated to deepening its sustainable values. This commitment has further shaped its renewed digital brand identity.

Background and Challenges

Following Flyingtex's brand transformation, they sought to revitalize their brand image with a website refresh. Not only focusing on their commitment to sustainability, but they also accentuated on design and functionality in relation to their product offerings. As a B2B supplier, FlyingTex lacked direct communication channels with its clients. They hoped to bridge this gap by creating a digital platform that would forge stronger connections with their global clients.

Visually, the objective was to unlock and expand Flying Tex's brand potential, deepening the perception of its diverse brand image while conveying their dedication to sustainability. The ambiance of the site was centered around a youthful design aesthetic, highlighting the versatility and functionality of their products.

Process and Results

At the outset of our collaboration with Flying Tex, our primary focus was to set a foundational tone for the website. Drawing on our strategic approach, we integrated ESG metrics, coupled with engaging homepage videos and sleek dynamic transitions, to craft an immersive visual experience. We also implemented a member login system, paving the way for streamlined business communications. This crucial enhancement not only amplified Flying Tex's digital footprint and allure but also solidified their relationship with global partners. Furthermore, it provided a robust platform for B2B partners, fostering more efficient and interactive business engagements.


Member Login Integration

Recognizing the need for improved communication within the supply chain, we introduced a sophisticated member backend system. Once onboard, members have direct access to product catalogs, business contacts, and a suite of other services. Importantly, upon login, the platform strategically spotlights Flying Tex's premier products, underscoring potential collaboration opportunities.

Homepage Video Showcase

With a compelling homepage video, we succinctly encapsulated Flying Tex's foundational values and standout product features. This ensures that visitors immediately resonate with the brand's core ethos right from their first engagement.

Highlighting Sustainability Commitments

To underscore Flying Tex's dedication to sustainability, we curated a dedicated section. Here, we utilized impactful data visualizations to communicate their tangible strides towards eco-conscious development, making it both informative and easily digestible for visitors.

Elevated User Experience

Post-revamp, we zeroed in on refining user navigability and overall site interactivity. By blending minimalist design elements with intuitive user pathways, we ensured a seamless browsing experience for products and services. This meticulous attention to user experience not only resonates with visitors but also drives higher conversion rates and fosters brand loyalty.