Hanamizuki Cleaning

Crafting Cleanliness, Curating Experience.


Hanamizuki Cleaning, a revered name in Kaohsiung's home and corporate cleaning sector, has established its mark over the past eight years with dedicated services. Seeking to transition into the digital realm, they envisioned a platform that would reflect their warm and pristine ethos. Our task was to utilize Webflow to craft a digital space that not only showcased their cleaning expertise but also resonated with their philosophy of providing top-tier, heartwarming services to both individual homeowners and corporate establishments.

Background and Challenges

While Hanamizuki Cleaning provided two potential templates as starting points, they expressed a preference for the second due to its clean aesthetics. Their aspiration was twofold: ensure the design mirrored their established reputation and seamlessly integrated key features, such as distinct access points for residential and enterprise clients. Adjusting the design to align with the brand's positioning, tailoring service descriptions to be more robust, and blending elements from both templates presented significant challenges.

Process and Results

We initiated a design process focusing on user experience, infusing the website with a blue and white palette that echoed their corporate branding. The homepage now offers clear pathways for different customer bases: residential and corporate. Incorporating elements like detailed service offerings, testimonials, CTAs, and SEO optimization became integral to the design. The outcome is a cohesive, user-friendly platform that not only amplifies Hanamizuki Cleaning's brand values but also provides a comprehensive overview of their services.

Hanamizuki Cleaning