Viverse's homepage redesign aims to showcase product features and enhance user engagement in the metaverse.


Viverse, a subsidiary of HTC, aims to build a new era of the metaverse by leveraging its own hardware devices, providing a virtual experience where everyone can freely explore the metaverse. In addition to VR gaming and virtual events, Viverse works with well-known intellectual properties and artworks, to serve the community with . Users can even purchase NFTs and virtual character costumes on the platform. Viverse also opens up the opportunity for users to create their own Viverse World, offering the freedom to unleash their creativity based on personal themes and interests.

Background and Challenges

We focus on providing unique insights and digital learning methods. We strive to become a leader in the field of web design education in Asia. Our vision is to establish an innovative digital learning platform that attracts like-minded partners and learners, enhancing their professional and design capabilities, and providing enriching career and learning opportunities. Tendemy's brand personality is characterized by challenge, passion, creativity, and positivity. We are committed to helping learners become professional leaders, enhancing their business and design skills, and creating value for each other.

Brand identity

The original homepage design of Viverse leaned towards static displays, showing fragmented and unrelated layouts. Its style was rather dull and monotonous, failing to capture the essence of space and immersive virtual entertainment experiences of the metaverse. Additionally, Viverse did not have its website information well conveyed. Features were not effectively introduce to potential users. Through this transformative project, the Viverse homepage will undergo a revitalization process to infuse it with dynamism and interactivity. The primary objective is to showcase the standout features of Viverse's products to users, fostering a greater understanding and appreciation for the immense potential and myriad applications of the metaverse. The revamped homepage will incorporate interactive elements, captivating visuals, and strategically placed highlight sections, creating an all-encompassing representation of the diverse possibilities within the Viverse.

Platform integration

Prior to launching the Webflow Masterclass, Tendemy actually tried multiple platforms and even considered selling online courses through third-party platforms. However, with the Tenten team's rich expertise and experience, we decided to embark on the journey of running our own online courses and saw it as a great opportunity to achieve our goals. Ultimately, we chose to use WordPress to build the course checkout system and Webflow to create an eye-catching landing page. By leveraging these two powerful CMS systems, we were able to create the current Webflow Masterclass sales page.