HTC's VIVE Mars CamTrack revolutionizes affordable, high-quality virtual filmmaking.


VIVE Mars CamTrack is a comprehensive virtual filmmaking solution under HTC. By incorporating the Mars Processing Module, Vive Trackers, Rover modules, and Base Stations, it enables actors to effortlessly immerse themselves in real-time shooting within any virtual background. Built on Unreal Engine, it achieves synchronized output of live actors and virtual scenes, reducing shooting costs and set complexities while enhancing actors' performances. By integrating HTC's years of VR technology expertise into virtual filmmaking, professionals can now create cinematic effects with unparalleled freedom and quality, revolutionizing the future of virtual filmmaking. Affordable yet offering professional-grade results, it unleashes boundless creativity.

Background and Challenges

In this project, we carried out multiple optimizations and adjustments to enhance the performance of the VIVE Mars website. We added pages for Resellers, Mars Base Camp, and Creators, making it easier for users to find the information they need. The entire VIVE Mars website will now support nine languages to meet the needs of global users. Additionally, we created product specification pages, enabling users to switch between different products and view detailed specifications, providing comprehensive product information.

To increase the website's content-editing capabilities, we transformed product pages into editable versions and introduced video embedding functionality.

Process and Results

This project significantly enhanced the VIVE Mars website through multifaceted optimizations. Users now enjoy a more intuitive experience with added pages tailored for specific demographics: buyers, Mars base camp enthusiasts, and creators. The inclusion of nine languages has broadened the site's global reach, and new product specification pages offer comprehensive information on various products. Through transformation into editable versions, the website's content-editing capabilities have been significantly amplified. The integration of video embedding functionality has also enriched the site's media content, leading to increased user engagement. These improvements have successfully elevated the website's overall performance and user satisfaction.