Thunder Power




In the future when oil is depleted, the automobile industry, which burns gasoline and diesel, is bound to undergo a transformation and the time has come to replace it with other energy sources.
Thunder Power, an electric vehicle brand with a solid background in eastern culture and technology, focuses on patent development and creates high-tech, high-quality, high-efficiency electric vehicles based on technology, and breaks people's imagination about electric vehicles with extraordinary range.

Background and Challenge

Thunder Power is returning to the 2017 IAA Frankfurt Motor Show after two years with a new concept car. In order to shine on this world-class stage, our goal is to combine the brand spirit of Thunder Power with the fascinating features of the concept car. We also believe that having a good experience will make more people trust the product and open up a new and sustainable future.

Project Process

Thunder Power brings the philosophy of Zen into the design of the car, and the round and pure shape creates a quiet aesthetic. Just like Thunder Power's attempt to connect the harmonious balance between modern transportation and nature conservation, Tenten also chose to strike a balance between font, color and dynamic experience, and the brand's imagery becomes clearer and clearer as the ripples go on layer by layer.

Thunder Power

The Solution

In addition to the Thunder Power Sedan, they also launched a limited edition TP-488c model. In order to maintain the mystery of the car and the luxury quality that matches the car, we designed the page with a large number of full-page high quality product images and focused on each local feature to describe the intuitive and large visuals to fully The intuitive and large visuals fully demonstrate the TP-488c's exquisite and luxurious tone.

Thunder Power

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