Tidie Tech

Fresh digital identity for inventive at-home sanitation


As a newcomer to sanitation technology, Tidie has a mission to provide an effortless, quality life with more efficient hygiene devices. We worked with Tidie to launch their UVC sanitation box to disinfect personal devices from phones to AirPods in one cycle. We worked with their small team of product experts to market and validate their first release.

Fresh digital strategy for inventive at-home sanitation

Brand assets that resonate

We played a role that help Tidie communicate its product value to the public with the visualized material such as design, storytelling, and ads. In the first phase, we helped Tidie further consolidate their position, guideline, and theme after thorough research. Stemming from the brand elements, we crafted and curated the content that the target audience could find interesting and relate to.

Tidie Tech

Communicating value

We approached brand awareness with data-driven improvements and fine-tuning. Gathering the analytics and feedback from the initial launch, we helped Tidie optimize their ads and campaign page to hyper-target market segments by lifestyle and interests.