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Revitalizing T&T Industries: Digital Transformation for Enhanced Global Outreach


T&T Industries Co., Ltd., was founded in 1969, and specializes in producing textile dyes and auxiliaries. T&T used to rely on traditional product catalogs to showcase its products, the old website was essentially just digital versions of the paper catalogs, failing to utilize digitalization's advantages fully.

We undertook a comprehensive revamp of T&T Industries Co., Ltd.'s English website to expand its international business. We digitized the extensive product data, unified the website's color scheme, fonts, and other visual details to align with T&T's corporate identity. We also incorporated responsive design to enhance the cross-device user experience. By integrating filtering functions, we strengthened the product search and inquiry processes, enriched the website's functionality, and made it more compatible with contemporary user browsing habits and international market demands.

Background and Challenges

Data Integration and Product Categorization

We digitized all product data and created independent product files, adding a filtering function that allows users to quickly sort and search by dye or auxiliary type, applicability, fiber type, and color CI. In addition to the products, we established separate pages for product categories where users can learn more about the characteristics of each category, the covered dye brands, and a list and introduction of subcategories. These informational structures and functional upgrades enable users to quickly find the relevant products based on their needs and directly add them to the Inquiry Cart, thereby enhancing the user inquiry experience.

Website Design and Responsive Layout

Regarding website design, we chose to unify the main color scheme with T&T’s red corporate logo to strengthen the brand identity. The entire website layout was redesigned to clarify information hierarchy and adopt a responsive design that provides a good browsing experience on various devices. We also implemented a mega menu to make site navigation more intuitive and user-friendly.

Content Enrichment and User Guidance

Aside from product introductions, we expanded the website content to include detailed processing methods and applications for each product series. We created a FAQ page to allow users to find the information they need quickly. Each page has corresponding Call to Action buttons to guide users to contact further, inquire, or apply for jobs.

Process and Results

The redesigned T&T Industries website has significantly improved the site's usability. A clear information architecture and a minimalist visual style effectively enhanced the user experience, and the simplified customer inquiry process has increased potential international business opportunities. T&T's website has successfully transformed into a modern, interactive platform that meets international standards.

T&T Industries