Smalo Ebikes

SMALO Ebikes: Ride the Future with AI-Powered Elegance!


SMALO Ebikes - Your Urban Commute, Electrified. a sub-brand of Taiwan's multinational BESV, has launched two innovative ebike models for the international market. Their overarching goal is to position Taiwan's ebike industry prominently on the global stage. The project revolved around devising an ecommerce platform congruent with SMALO's global vision. Through diligent design and development, the resultant platform embodies a multilingual, region-centric shopping interface. The user journey has been meticulously crafted to reflect the brand's international aspirations, with every facet geared towards resonating with a global audience while emphasizing the brand's heritage.

Background and Challenges

A key aspiration for SMALO was to create a platform serving diverse regions with tailored sales and management experiences. This demanded support for multiple languages, robust tools for sales tracking, and precise conversion data insights. Facilitating smooth communication between the management teams in Taiwan and the US was imperative, with each bringing unique perspectives and requirements. Balancing these inter-regional inputs was crucial to ensure a cohesive user experience. Additionally, the challenge of integrating region-specific payment solutions, ECpay for Taiwan and Stripe for the US, was paramount. Achieving these multifaceted objectives required both design finesse and technical expertise.

Process and Results

Potential buyers to the website are greeted with an intuitive layout, designed to illuminate the distinct features of SMALO Ebikes. From understanding product intricacies to making informed purchase decisions, the journey is streamlined for clarity. The site highlights the ebikes and their synergistic relationship with the BESV Smart Plus App, simplifying information dissemination. Key integrations, including the region-specific payment solutions were seamlessly incorporated, enhancing the site's operational efficiency. On the management front, store managers from both regions have tools at their fingertips allowing them to seamlessly receive notifications on orders, cancellations, and oversee logistics, ensuring they're always in sync with the ebike pulse. These strategic choices, combined with a focused design approach, ensure the website meets and exceeds SMALO's objectives.

Smalo Ebikes