Farfaraway Village

Manifesting brand narrative and e-commerce with local revitalization stories


"Farfaraway Village" is a community revitalization project in Shangde Village, Taitung. Its founder, Ren-Ding Chen, moved his family back to Taitung to tackle challenges posed by local land development. By blending local herbal crops with the natural environment, he explored unique industries to boost the local economy. Through promoting natural herbal products, the brand advocates natural farming and product-oriented agriculture, thereby paving the way for local revitalization.

This project encompasses more than just designing a user-friendly website. It also involves carefully crafting the brand's narrative to emphasize the advantages of the herbal products and evoke a sense of lifestyle and ritual. The website's structure includes a dedicated section for articles, a key SEO strategy that will significantly enhance the visibility of the Farfaraway Village brand.

Background and Challenges

As Farfaraway Village already has an existing SHOPLINE e-commerce website, and given that SHOPLINE merchants often face limitations with its predefined templates, this project, following discussions with the Farfaraway Village marketing team, has decided to develop and produce the solution by combining Webflow with the SHOPLINE e-commerce model. This approach not only retains Webflow's design flexibility but also meets SHOPLINE's diverse e-commerce integration capabilities.

During the proposal phase, our initial step involved researching existing fragrance and tea brands' websites in the market. We determined that the central theme for conveying the essence of the Farfaraway Village brand would be its human touch. Subsequently, we employed Webflow to create landing pages, blogs, and introduction sections. Eventually, this design will be integrated into SHOPLINE, enabling synchronized updates of brand content between Webflow and SHOPLINE. This consolidation streamlines website maintenance, enhancing management efficiency.

Process and Results

Farfaraway Village's official website strategically guides visitors to the necessary information through prominent sections on its homepage. The website design delineates clean content categories, ensuring that future contents remain organized. In terms of design, specific guidelines for product photography are provided, aiding clients in establishing a cohesive brand identity. Additionally, hand-drawn illustrations are combined with imagery, bringing out its natural and inviting impression.

The integration of Webflow and SHOPLINE serves to meet both the client's design and e-commerce functionality requirements. By combining these two platforms, we not only showcase Farfaraway Village's brand narrative and distinctive products to consumers but also offer the convenience of direct product purchasing. This technology enables the synergy of brand storytelling and commercial operations, providing consumers with a cohesive shopping experience and strengthening the connection between the brand and its target audience.

Farfaraway Village