Digital experience improvement along with industrial enhancement.


Parfaite was founded in 1982 as a machine parts manufacturing company. In addition to continuously improving in production technology, Parfaite also strenthened investment in R&D of tool holders, and with the high-quality product performance, Parfaite has became one of the best companies in precision machining industry. At the time, they found their website need revamp, the layout is a mess, the style is outdated, they needed a new digital brand image and better user experience to help it grow, so they came to tenten.

What we did

One of the most common actions that visitors of industrial website take is checking products, therefore, a simple, clear and smooth product browsing experience has become our primary goal. We reorganized the product list and single product page, used a clear and concise framework to classify the products, and re-standardized product photos. Consistent product thumbnails and labels allow users to identify them more quickly when browsing, and the filter added to the side menu help users narrow down products, we'd like to provide a better user experience for all visitors on the website.

Precise and demand

For visual identity, we use blue, their brand color, along with sharp geometric patterns, to convey the precision and demand of the machinery production process, we redefine the website components, so that the layout structure is well arranged, the style is consistent, and yet simple.

At the same time, to make it a global website, tenten assisted in optimizing website SEO, creating multilingual content, and using Hubspot CRM to manage contact forms, which strengthened the connection between enterprises and customers and eventually increased conversions. The website is fully responsive and support all divices.