Project description

KVB Kunlun Global Capital Ltd is a financial services company specializes in providing diversified financial products to overseas Asian community. Our mission is to offer a well structured real-time information, a user friendly experience hence to aid in the decision as to investors.


Emphasize on User Interface

Based on the requirements from the client along with our design research of target audience user behaviors, we digested and analyzed data during the first stage. Base on a reasonable, polished user experience, we created a clean, neat info-graph. Also, we prioritize the information on the interface, to make sure user understand the product’s objective and reach the right information.

Magnificent appearence for the brand

Kunlun International has received various awards with international financial service, It's show user an image of precise, professional. We used elegant lines with appropriate white-space to balance the visual, we injecting energy by using grids to reveal information. With thoughtful matching articles with images, we created a calm, trust-worthy branding.

Bring the financial services to your fingertips

We believe that financial shouldn’t just be cold data, with a friendly design interface, we emphasize the connection between the user and the brand. To help the company get the user’s favor, this is the real value of a website.