Mayrin Group

A new international design language that blends western modernism and Chinese tradition for China's leading real estate company.



Mayrin Group is one of the leading real estate companies in China, creating harmonious spaces for living, working, and relaxing. Having two different target audiences in China and Australia, Mayrin wanted a new digital look that would connect the dots better between these two crowds. The project consisted of UI/UX design and branding strategy. We developed a comprehensive new design language that established a strong and more international brand image that combined modernism of the West and the traditional culture of China. We successfully helped Mayrin redefine its digital presence to well present itself to both Chinese and Australian users.

What we did

In a digitally driven world, finding the right overlap between a real estate organization’s brand architecture (or how its products, offerings, and services are organized) and its information architecture, is critically important, especially after rebranding. By reorganizing its website and finding a new brand image that leverages the potential in Mayrin, we made it easier for key audiences to understand and interact with a firm.

Brand architecture in real estate

This brand underscores that innovation does not occur in a vacuum; it arises from the deep bonds with clients, cemented through global communications, which enable Mayrin to create breakthrough solutions that meet evolving client needs.

Understanding the needs of Mayrin Group and its traditional traits, we infused western modernism into Mayrin and established a strong and more international brand image. The new brand image also provides Mayrin with more potential while keeping it genuine.

Mayrin Group

Changing the game of real estate in China

We were careful with crafting elements in brand architecture to reflect Mayrin Group's inherent characteristics and fusion. The reflection was not only in the visual presentation but also in information architecture, successfully creating a touchpoint between the digital presence and the group's offerings.

Mayrin Group

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