Continental Holdings

A modern website and digital strategy for a historic brand


Continental Holding Corporation is the principal holding company in Taiwan, developing landmark infrastructures such as the Taipei Metro and High-Speed Rail systems and the historic Grand Hotel. With a development investment portfolio in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Macau, and the United States, CHC needed a digital transformation to bring its illustrious offline legacy online.

Communicating clear brand value

Our goal was to simplify the user experience to clarify CHC's vision. The refined landing page provides a straightforward company overview with striking imagery inspired by the logo mark's organic curves. We improved access to key facts and figures by adding interactivity to financial reports and reorganizing the CSR — letting the numbers speak for themselves.

Optimizing for a stronger foundation

The original website struggled with responsiveness, speed, and back-end content management. Our final solution is fully responsive, integrated with WordPress for flexible content integration, and optimized for search engine ranking and keyword performance.

Continental Holdings