AREA02 App

Allow customers to find sneakers on this platform without waiting in line

App Development and Design


KNCKFF (renamed AREA02 in May) is a three-way sneaker trading platform, allowing customers to find sneakers on this platform without waiting in line, and offers a refund on counterfeit. The original name KNCKFF also comes from the English word Knock-Off, which means "fake" and also means "get out of the way", with a double meaning.

Background and Challenges

When collaborating with KNCKFF (AREA02), we researched the domestic and international market size sneaker trading platform APPs, and thought about how the new app could fit KNCKFF (AREA02)'s innovative spirit and brand value, and designed a presentation that would be suitable for mobile browsing.

Project Process

In order to make the KNCKFF (AREA02) App consistent with the website, we wanted to keep the design simple, beautiful and practical. With the collaboration of the team, the KNCKFF App was created and now consumers can place orders for their favorite sneakers directly through the mobile app and convey the spirit of the KNCKFF brand.

AREA02 App

The Solution

The design team thought with the user in mind and made it intuitive for the consumer to get the information he wanted during the shopping process to achieve the best shopping journey.