Wahuda Tools

Pull the customer flow from Amazon back to their website for consumption


Wahuda is a company located in Tennessee, North America that specializes in wood cutting appliances (Jointer) and is one of the top five brands in the field of wood cutting appliances in North America. Only most of the customers buy on Amazon and eat up most of the company's profits. The customer wanted to pull the customer flow from Amazon back to their website for consumption, so they approached Tenten to create a project to revamp the website.

Background and Challenges

Wahuda has a high brand visibility among North American cutters, but the previous version of the official website is too confusing and repetitive, and the user interface is relatively unintuitive. According to our analysis, the information on the old website was unclear and repetitive, and the shopping process was unclear, resulting in a weaker SEO effect, which led to most users choosing to buy from Amazon instead of the website. Tenten team's challenge was to combine the e-commerce website with the corporate image website.

Project Process

After discussing with Wahuda team, we helped them to build the corresponding functions for their needs and designed the website to fit Wahuda's image and integrate with e-commerce needs, with professionalism and details presented in the website. We also worked with the Wahuda team to create a website that fits the Wahuda image and incorporates the e-commerce needs of the team. We also worked with the Wahuda team to create special features that they needed, such as binding Quick Book software, tax rate calculations, shipping conditions, and assistance in relocating hosts, to make the shopping process a seamless experience for North American buyers.

Wahuda Tools


According to statistics, the smoother the checkout process is, the more users will complete the order. After improving the structure and design of the entire site, Wahuda's keyword rankings increased dramatically.