Improving product search experience with efficient data analysis


Founded in 1972, Everlight Chemical focuses on research and development for the productions of high-value tech chemicals. Originally a dye company, it transformed into a high-tech chemical enterprise, specializing in color chemicals, light stabilizers, toners, electronic chemicals, and pharmaceutical chemicals. It has 17 operation bases and 6 production bases around the world, including 5 in Taiwan and 1 in Suzhou, China, and its market is across 5 continents, over 100 countries.

To provide a greater user experience with CSE Color Search Express, we make it easy to find the right colorants through a new and intuitive interface design, along with RWD functions for members that are always on-the-go. We also reconstructed Everlight’s backend database, simplifying personnels’ process of gathering industry insights.

Background and Challenges

Everlight Chemical produces a wide range of dyes and colorants and dyeing materials. Each product has its own dyeing process, fastness to take into consideration when purchasing. Therefore, we aimed at improving members’ user experience with interface design optimization, allowing them to quickly search for corresponding products.

We also renovate the backend database for CSE website to retrieve data more efficiently. While members do their search in the frontend, the backend accumulates each result and searching methods into analytical reports. This allows Everlight Chemical to understand members’ needs and market trends. Previously, the color search data were calculated manually, which was time-consuming. We hope our revision in real-time statistical calculation may reduce the repetitive work of Everlight Chemical staff.

Process and results

The revamped Color Search Express has provided members a simple and friendly user experience across devices. The searching process became more clarified with filters narrowing down search results. We also employed HubSpot CRM system to create mutual connections between potential consumers and the salesforce.

Tenten also customized an easy to use content management system (CMS) for them to manage product info database, including data updates, formula editing, information up/downloads and much more. The analysis section presents searching data across different time frame with specific dates. It can also trace down to the activities of a single visitor. The statistics of most popular colors/colorants may provide marketing insights for Everlight Chemical’s future R&D supply.