Formosan Brothers Law

Showcasing the craft of litigation


Formosan Brothers Attorneys-at-law was founded in 1997 and is a leading full-service law firm in Taiwan. With 40+ lawyers and expertise across litigation, non-litigation, foreign-related and intellectual property business, and they keep abreast of social pulse, industrial development and legal trends.

When Formosan Brothers Attorneys-at-law contacts us about a new website, it is because their current website no longer reflects their brand. They needed revamp their old website, and a refresh the brand image for the new clients.

Background and Challenge

Their previous brand image and website, functional, felt quite outdated with its traditional layout, conservative branding, and run-of-the-mill photography. Which didn’t reflect the significant traction the firm had made since it was established, nor did it showcase their work, victories, and talented team of attorneys as well as it could.

They needed a brand new website that conveyed the firm’s vitality—the growth they’d experienced, their commitment to their clients, and most importantly, their confidence. The Fblaw team just had a brand new logo, and firm colors brand guidelines. We follow this document and continue to serve the firm as a Master Guide: providing technical specifications for cohesive brand elements, including firm colors, logo placement, and usage, standard firm typography, and more.


A website says a lot about a law firm. It shows how much thought a firm puts into communicating with its audience and the world.

A website can promote a law firm’s services 24/7. We designed the useful information to a wide variety of users and to keep everything well-organized, with logical hierarchies of information and intelligent cross-linking. Smart menus give users the ability to navigate quickly to where they need to be. We help them to find a professional photographer captured approachable and confident images of the firm’s attorneys and legal support staff. Our curated photography services included art direction and dress-code guidelines.

Formosan Brothers Law

Mobile and responsive website design have become an important consideration for any business, be it a law firm or otherwise. Hence we focus on the mobile first design for the firm. So the visitors can view the profile clearly. With fast lawyer filtering, users can quickly find the best lawyer for their matter. The new homepage is dynamically populated with the latest blog posts, upcoming events, and firm news. Robust lawyer landing pages contain a wealth of information, neatly organized.

Taking advantage of Webflow’s CMS Collections feature, we had already set up the system; they just needed to add the content for articles and make them live. With Webflow CMS, it’s easy for the firm to make updates.