Birdie Wing

The VIVERSE x BNP collaboration blends anime style with VIVERSE's brand identity, offering an immersive experience in Birdie Wing events and games.


With Birdie Wing: Golf Girl’s Story, VIVERSE proudly presents it’s collaboration with the captivating Japanese original anime series produced by the renowned animation company Bandai Namco Pictures (BNP). This partnership is bringing metaverse events, VR golf experiences, and more surprises to the fans with both mobile and Nintendo Switch games. VIVERSE Birdie Wing will also serve as the news hub and pre-order platform for the upcoming Switch games.

Background and Challenges

Our project scope encompasses website design and development, incorporating multiple features such as a metaverse Worlds portal, Switch game pre-ordering, access to the latest news, and mobile/VR games. The purpose of the website is to provide fans with up-to-date news, enable participation in events, and streamline the purchase of Switch games through a user-friendly browsing experience.

Process and Results

Our design concept aims to showcase the roadmap of the VIVERSE x BNP collaboration in Birdie Wing events and games, blending in an anime style while maintaining the distinctive brand identity of VIVERSE.

In this captivating voyage, we carefully tread the fine line between integrating the charismatic charm of anime and preserving the unmistakable brand identity of VIVERSE. Each element is thoughtfully curated to strike the perfect balance, allowing fans of both brands to feel a sense of familiarity while being pleasantly surprised by fresh, innovative visuals and interactive features.

Birdie Wing