ASE Holdings

Reimagining the Digital Presence of ASEH: ESG Focus, Heritage Unveiled


Together with ASE, SPIL, and USI, ASE Holdings officially listed on the stock market, effectively integrating group resources to leverage synergies. Through forward-looking technological research and close links with industry trends, ASE Holdings provides high-quality technical service solutions globally. The revamp of ASE Holding’s official website includes redefining brand visual style and elements, presenting investor relations information, and organizes extensive ESG content. This project achieves smooth website user experience, facilitates public communication, and marks a significant milestone while integrating ASE’s 40th-anniversary visual design.

Background and Challenges

Our project involved a comprehensive revamp of ASE Holdings’ official website to present a clear narrative of its ASE history, subsidiary companies, ESG initiatives, and revamped investor relations section. Through refined design elements and a subdued color palette, we encapsulated the corporate ethos while accentuating key features with ASE Holdings' signature gradient. Enhancements in the ESG section facilitated easy navigation, increased visibility of sustainability efforts, and encouraged user engagement through streamlined access to reports and social sharing.

Process and Results

Through a meticulous design process, we crafted a website that not only captures the essence of ASE Holdings but also delivers a seamless user experience. By implementing a refined color scheme and strategic placement of ASE Holdings’ gradient logo, we achieved a harmonious blend of elegance and modernity. The revamped ESG section now offers clear, concise information, empowering users to quickly access relevant data and reports. Furthermore, the integration of call-to-action links and social sharing features enhances user engagement and amplifies the company's sustainability efforts. Overall, our efforts culminated in a sophisticated digital platform that effectively communicates ASE Holdings’ legacy, values, and commitment to sustainable practices.

ASE Holdings