Regenerative Capital for a Regenerative Earth



SIMFO is a system impact multi-family office that working with government, business, finance and civil society to promote systemic change for a regenerative economy. They combine systems design, community building, and blended finance to help stakeholders shift from silo-thinking to collective action in climate change, systems education, creative culture, and regenerative finance.

Background and Design Challenges

How to get innovate and progress is not only a goal for SIMFO, but also Tenten.  We all We want to do good, and merit is a force that comes from the good deeds you have done. How to do and how to start? That always a question for us. Hence, how intuitive website design is the Key.

A website with intuitive design is efficient, comprehensible and responsive, witheye scanning will bring the user to the point faster, and faster is better on the web.

Logo design and branded items for Simfo

The creative process of branding for ESG/ sustainability set off with logo design. The concept is based on sustainability, so the infinity symbol was used as the idea to represent the brand logo, combining the blue, green and purple color to be more in line with their vision of sustainability.

As they wanted the modernization, a new brand sign was expected to be more playful and fresh still simple with abstract elements. In addition, the client asked to keep blue color palette as it corresponds to their vision of the brand image.



We used blue, green and purple to present the overall layout of the website. In order to emphasize SIMFO's philosophy, we also designed an interactive globe that shows the projects and regions that SIMFO has been impacted so far.

From education reform, regenerative finance, creative culture and climate change, users can directly learn about SIMFO's efforts and their mission - to bring conveners, innovators and funders together to create transformational change towards a regenerative world through regenerative capital.

A great way to let users know where they are on your website, and this is how tenten can help.