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Jadesun is the only professional manufacturer in Taiwan that spans the three fields of heat treatment, water treatment and chemical treatment. tenten has been working with Jadesun since 2015, we help Jadesun establish leadership brand in their industry with professional website, which provides a wealth of industry knowledge and product information, and the SEO performance quite success.

Background and Challenge

Since the first version of Jadesun was only available in Chinese, andone of the purpose of brand revamp was built the professional image to the new marekt, so we add up multi-languages function as well.


Our team rebuilt the website with Wordpress this time, also redesing the RWD structure. We integrated Google Translation AI API to help them build a multilingual function with automated translation, that saving up to 20,000 USD for the translation fee for whole website. We also create the product inquiry system and CRM to help sales team to check the conversion ratio.