Atom Plugin

Sublime Text Plugin

  • PlainTasks - An opinionated todo-list plugin.

  • sublimelint - A framework for error highlighting. Support AppleScript, C, C++, CSS, CoffeeScript, Go, HAML, HTML, Java, JavaScript, Lua, NASM, PHP, Perl, Python, Puppet, Ruby, XML.

  • jQuery - Sublime Text package bundle for jQuery.

  • Underscore - Underscore 1.4 snippets for Sublime Text 2.

  • DocBlockr - Simplifies writing DocBlock comments in Javascript, PHP, CoffeeScript, ActionScript, C & C++.

  • SublimeCodeIntel - Full-featured code intelligence and smart autocomplete engine.

  • ColorPicker - A multi-platform color picker plugin.

  • HTML-CSS-JS Prettify - HTML, CSS, JavaScript and JSON code formatter for Sublime Text 2 and 3 via node.js.

  • WakaTime - A plugin for metrics, insights, and time tracking automatically generated from your programming activity.

  • Seti_UI - A beautiful theme, including file icons.

  • OmniMarkupPreviewer - Live previewer/exporter for markup files (markdown, rst, creole, textile...).

  • BracketHighlighter - Bracket and tag highlighter.

  • Markdown Extended - Markdown syntax highlighter.

  • Babel - Syntax definitions for ES6 JavaScript with React JSX extensions.

  • AutoFileName - Automatically complete the file name。

  • FTPSync - FTP sync plug-in, local file synchronization with the virtual machine is very convenient。

  • Color Highlighter - Highlight color key word, very suitable for CSS code。

  • File History - Local file history, every time modify the file will be history。

  • JavaScript Completions - Native Javascript completion。

  • JSON Reindent - JSON formatting。

  • Git - Comprehensive Sublime does Text Git plug-in function。

  • GitStatus - Monitoring changes of files and project status in real time。

  • Gitignore - The Git Gitignore files are generated, commonly used built-in filter file。

VSCode Plugin

Vim Plugin

  • WebVim - Vim-based distribution targeting JavaScript and Web development

  • ivim - An easy & highly customizable vim configuration.

  • 7th-vim - Lightweight & Customizable Vim configuration options.

Cross Platform Plugins

  • TabNine - Code autocompletion based on deep learning for all major IDEs / Text Editors for a variety of programming languages and syntax extensions (like JSX)

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