Awesome Vercel (Previously ZEIT )

In the area of open source, there’s a lot of stuff happening around Vercel. To make it easier for developers to reach these resources, I’ve decided to create a list for them. And here we are!


  • now-logs - 📖 - Realtime logging for Vercel

  • now-no-alias - CLI tool for Vercel to list idle deploys (with no active aliases).

  • now-pipeline - Single command to deploy, run e2e tests and switch alias if tests pass.

  • now-redirect - Easily deploy a redirect like to

  • zeit-deployments - deprecated - Deploy a tiny Next.js app to Vercel that lists all your Vercel deployments.

  • now-env - deprecated Use now.json environment variables and secrets in development.

  • now-ab - deprecated AB test two or more Now deployments with a simple deploy.

  • now-server - Local development server for alias path.

  • now-token - Painlessly access your Vercel API access token from Node or the command line.


Take a look at awesome-micro! 😌


  • - Deploy git repos to Vercel with the click of a button.

  • - Automatically create staging environments from GitHub pull request.

  • pullmeapp - Stage your GitHub pull requests with personalized aliases.

Deployment Examples

  • ws - 📖 - Simple echo web-socket.

  • micro-link - 📖 - A minimalistic microservice to generate and resolve sharable dynamic link (a.k.a deeplink).

  • image-upload - 📖 - Demonstration of how to upload images from the ImagePicker.


API Clients

  • now-client - deprecated - Now’s JavaScript client for their API.

  • zeit-client-api - Another JavaScript client for managing your Vercel account.

  • now-fetch - A lightweight Vercel API wrapper with the familiar fetch() interface.

  • pynow - A python client for the Vercel API.

  • nash - deprecated A web dashboard to manage deployments, aliases and secrets.

  • now4j - Unofficial Java client for the Vercel API

  • know - Unofficial Kotlin client for the Vercel API

  • now-php-client - Unofficial PHP 5.4+ client for the Vercel API

Vercel Showcase

  • - This project aims to reveal the mechanics behind algorithms via interactive visualizations of their execution.

  • - Hacker News made with Next.js

  • - A Material Design color browser and picker

  • - A Material Design and Flat Design colour picker

  • - A Chrome extension for debugging SVG paths

  • - A really micro micro-service for advanced math

  • - Full-frame E-mount lenses catalog

  • - Screenshot as a Service

  • - Obscure text with messed font

  • - Markdown render service

  • - A personal tinyurl service

  • - A microservice for checking whether a website is up

  • - A microservice for serving, listing and searching for emoji

  • - A microservice for getting a flag icon by country code

  • - A simple micro-service for Giphy’s Translate API

  • - Easily deploy an email delivery service to Vercel

  • (src) - A very minimal Vercel themed clock (demonstrates isomorphic page rendering)

  • - A geocoding service with an API and a web interface

  • - A Next.js + Docker GraphQL server app deployed to using alias path to compose them

  • - 📖 - Microservice for downloading the latest asset of GitHub release.

  • - 📖 - Microservice for fetching the latest posts of Medium.

  • - 📖 - Example of using server-side Swift + the Kitura framework inside a Docker container deployed to

  • - 📖 - Open source web app to write and host documentation or sell books. Deployed with Now and built with React, Material-UI, Next.js, Express, Mongoose, MongoDB.

  • - 📖 - Open source pomodoro clock made with React and Gatsby. Super fast, mobile friendly, dark themed, and works offline. Also has completion notification and alarm

  • kap-now - Deploy a Kapture with Vercel.

  • drone-now - Deploying to Vercel within Drone CI pipeline.

  • vscode-now - Create and manage your deployments and aliases within VS Code.

  • - Get releases & changelogs of popular frontend frameworks & libraries!

  • - Create and share beautiful images of your source code. Start typing or drop a file into the text area to get started.

  • - Service to receive push notifications when the ISS passes above you

  • - Permanent link for redirecting to your latest CircleCI build artifacts, so you could host binaries, documentation and other files right from your project’s Circle CI jobs.

  • - Yanny or Laurel?

  • - deprecated Fast & reliable geoip API powered by Now.

  • - Bash Plate lets you generate boilerplate for shell scripts that takes care of receiving, parsing, validating and documenting script arguments.

  • - SVG icon placeholder microservice.

  • - :octocat: GitHub Contributions Chart Generator



  1. Fork this repository to your own GitHub account and then clone it to your local device.

  2. Start making changes!

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