Awesome UX Design Styleguides

Curated list of UX styleguides and design systems and toolkits

Design System - A comprehensive guide to design systems



  • Atlassian Design by Atlassian - Atlassian Design Guidelines used across Atlassian products.

  • Blackboard Design by Blackboard - Designs for the educational experience

  • Bloom by Appear Here - Bloom is Appear Here’s central repository for design patterns and guidelines.

  • Brand Estonia by estonia - The visual language of Brand Estonia created by Estonian Design Team

  • Carbon By IBM - Carbon is IBM's open-source design system for digital products and experiences.

  • Design Language by Royal Canin - Design Language is a shared design system that unifies Royal Canin's global digital style.

  • Duolingo Design by Duolingo - Design language by Duolingo Design Team

  • Eurostar GLU by Eurostar - Building blocks for Eurostar web UI.

  • Feelix by MYOB - collection of front-end interface elements that can be reused across the MYOB browser-based products.

  • Frontier by Family search - Global styles for the website

  • GOV.UK Design System by GOV.UK - The GOV.UK Design System is maintained by the Government Digital Service

  • HubSpot Canvas by HubSpot - HubSpot Canvas is the design system that HubSpot uses to build products.

  • Mailchimp Pattern by Mailchimp - Guidelines by Mailchimp for their product line

  • Marvel Styleguide by Marvel - live inventory of UI components, design patterns, brand assets and code guidelines for Marvel products

  • Morningstar Design System by Morningstar - A collection of brand, visual, UX, and technical standards built into a central library so that teams can quickly build high-quality, consistent experiences.

  • Nachos by Trello - Nachos is Trello's design system used across product

  • OPattern by Opower - Opattern is a design system and style guide for everyone who creates Opower products.

  • Pajamas Design System by Gitlab - Also know as GitLab's open source Design System acts as Resources, components, and design guidelines behind GitLab

  • Pattern Library by FutureLearn - This is the FutureLearn design system.

  • Predix Design System By GE Digital - The Predix Design System is built using modern web component standards so developers can start using our building blocks with minimal ramp-up.

  • Purple3 by Heroku - Purple provides guidelines for the aesthetic, function, and form of user interfaces to provide a consistent experience.

  • Quickbooks by Intuit - The QuickBooks Design System mission is to deliver delightful customer experiences that elevate Intuit brand.

  • Solid by Buzzfeed - Solid is BuzzFeed's CSS style guide. You can read more about Solid in blog post.

  • SpareBank1 Designsystem by SpareBank1 - SpareBank1's common language across disciplines, to ensure consistent design in SpareBank1 solutions.

  • Starling Design System by ACL - The Starling Design System is an integral part of accomplishing consistency, better documented patterns, and a vision for our future.

  • StudyPortals styleguide by StudyPortals - Design based on StudyPortal's Design priniples.

  • Uniform by Hudl - Uniform is Hudl’s design system. It exists to unify Hudl’s products through design and code implementation.

  • Wonderbly Design System by Wonderbly - Design System based on Wonderbly Design principles

  • Workday Canvas Design System by Workday - Delve into Workday design standards, writing guidelines, and playbook to create exceptional enterprise experiences.


  • AgnosticUI - Accessible React component primitives that also work with Vue 3, Svelte, and Angular! (GitHub, Demo)

  • Awesome UI component library for component library implementation (React, Vue, Angular, etc) for styleguides

  • Google Design - Cooperative effort led by a group of designers, writers, and developers at Google to publish original content, produce events, and foster creative and educational partnerships that advance design and technology.


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