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  • ActionDesk - The spreadsheet that lets you gather and control all your data in one place.

  • - Put your business on autopilot. Connect 100+ business apps.

  • Blockspring - Supercharge your list building, reporting, and landing pages.

  • Clay - Build tools & workflows to supercharge your team

  • IFTTT - Do more with the services you love.

  • Integromat - The glue of the internet.

  • Linx - Low-code Development for IT Pros

  • Microsoft Flow - Automate tasks by integrating your favorite apps.

  • n8n - Free Self-hostable Automation Tool

  • Nanonets Airtable Models - Build a no-code AI image organizer with Airtable

  • Oplim - Custom Tasks on Your Website with Zero Code

  • Parabola - Drag-and-drop to automate your repetitive tasks.

  • Phantombuster - A marketplace of simple to use no-code APIs

  • pipedream - The integration platform built for developers

  • Simple scraper - The web is your API

  • stdlib - An online IDE for connecting APIs together

  • Tiller Money - Your financial life in a spreadsheet, automatically updated each day.

  • Tray - Advanced integration platform for connecting up the tools you use every day.

  • Webmerge - Document automation software

  • Zapier - Automate tasks by integrating your favorite apps.

  • Diagram - Nocode backend API builder with MongoDB and Firestore.

  • Outfunnel - Connect your sales and marketing data, deeply and easily.

Business Apps

  • AppSheet - The intelligent no-code app development platform.

  • Betty Blocks - No-code - Enterprise Application Development Platform

  • Budibase - Powerful low-code app builder for creating internal tools in minutes.

  • - No-code App Builder designed specifically for legal service professionals

  • DronaHQ - Build Business Apps Without Coding

  • Eyelet - Create interactive guidance for your product without code

  • Fliplet - The smart way to create custom apps

  • Internal - Console-as-a-service, better tools for customer-facing teams

  • Logic Apps - Connect your business-critical apps and services with Azure Logic Apps, automating your workflows without writing a single line of code.

  • Lowdefy - An open-source low-code framework to build internal tools, web apps, admin panels, BI dashboards, workflows, and CRUD apps with ease by simply writing YAML.

  • Mintdata - Use the full power of a spreadsheet to create application logic.

  • Ninox - Create Business Apps for Mac, iPad and iPhone.

  • Nussknacker - A visual tool to define and run real-time decision algorithms.

  • Plant An App - The Secret Weapon of Software Development

  • Quick Base - The best way to manage data and automate processes, so you can accomplish more.

  • Zoho Creator - Custom apps to run your business.


  • Botnation - Create chatbots, landbots, voicebots, callbots on Messenger, Web, Google Home, Phone device.

  • Botsify - Create your own automated chatbots online.

  • Chatamo - Create intelligent voice and chat bots for marketing, sales and support in minutes.

  • Chatfuel - Create chatbots to engage with your audience on messengers

  • Flow XO - Create a chatbot with zero coding skills required

  • Instabot - A Conversion Chatbot for Your Website

  • It's Alive - Create a Facebook bot in minutes

  • Landbot - Lead generation landing page as chatbot.

  • Manychat - Create a Messenger bot to engage your audience. No coding!

  • - Convert your Wordpress posts to an iOS app.

  • rulai - AI Chatbot to Deliver Scalable Self Service

  • Smooch - Instantly deploy your bots wherever users are.


  • Fibery - Instead of trying to make scattered tools work, Build your own workspace

  • Notion - The all-in-one workspace - notes, tasks, wikis, & databases.

  • Quip - One place for all your team’s work.


  • Kartra - Online Business Made Easy

  • Salesflare - Simple yet powerful CRM for small businesses selling B2B.

Data & Scraping

  • APIFY - Extract data from any website

  • flatfile - The elegant import button for your web app

  • Hunter - Find email addresses in seconds.

  • Simplescraper - Extract data from any website in seconds


  • Airtable - Database / Spreadsheet mashup

  • NocoDB - Free & Open Source Airtable Alternative - turns any SQL databases into smart spreadsheet.

  • Forest Admin - The admin panel framework

  • Go - Low-Code for Enterprise Databases

  • Hasura - Get realtime GraphQL APIs instantly

  • Metabase - Metabase is the easy, open source way for everyone in your company to ask questions and learn from data.

  • Motor Admin - Open-source, self-hosted Admin Panel and Business Intelligence software.

  • PostGraphile - Extensible high-performance automatic GraphQL API for PostgreSQL

  • ResponseVault - Use a grid-based form builder in your custom app.

  • Tabbli - Manage your business data and automate processes.

  • Tadabase - No Code Database Web App Builder

  • Trevor - Query your live data, without code.


  • Figma - The first interface design tool with real-time collaboration

  • STUDIO - Design to live website in one click.

  • unDraw - Free, open-source illustrations for every project.


  • Big Cartel - Easy online stores for artists & makers

  • Gumroad - Sell anything directly to anyone.

  • Hingeto - Start your own Amazon-style marketplace.

  • Monto - Product Reviews for Webflow (and Foxy).

  • Podia - Easily sell memberships, online courses & digital downloads.

  • Shopify - Build your ecommerce store.

  • Volusion - Ecommerce Website Store & Shopping Cart Software


  • BEE - Create beautiful emails, fast.

  • EDMdesigner - Responsive email design made simple.

  • Mailchimp - Email marketing & automation

  • Postcards - Create awesome emails with drag & drop simplicity.

  • Sendgrid - Email delivery service.

  • Stripo - Free email template builder.

  • Substack - Paid newsletters made simple

  • Topol - Beautiful HTML e-mails easily


  • Convertigo - Create Forms based applications with no coding.

  • Dislack - Form creation for the modern maker.

  • FlexyForm - Contact Forms Backend as Service

  • Google Forms - Free forms from Google, that connect directly to Google Sheets.

  • InteractiveCalculator - Make calculators with no code and add them on your site

  • Involve.Me - Build customizable widgets like quizzes, forms & calculators

  • Jotform - Online Form Builder & Form Creator.

  • Paperform - Beautiful Forms That Feel Like Yours

  • Typeform - Create forms and surveys that people enjoy answering

  • Tally - The simplest way to create forms that works like a doc


  • Construct - Game Making Software

  • Yoyo Games - It has everything you need to take your idea from concept to finished game.


  • Contractbook - Efficient Contract Management

  • Nuclino - Part knowledge base, part collaboration space 🧠

  • Retool - Build custom internal tools in minutes.

  • Stream Language - Taking the next step in programming

Landing Pages

  • Instapage - Landing pages, up to 6x more conversions.

  • Landen - The website builder for startups.

  • Launchaco - Simple landing pages for your startup

  • Leadpages - Landing page builder & lead gen software.

  • PageXL - One-page website and store builder

  • RIVYT - Websites for Video Creators

  • Unbounce - Landing Pages - More Powerful Customization‎

  • Destack - Visual page builder for developers

Machine Learning


  • Fomo - Social Proof Marketing Platform

  • FORTVISION - Create interactive experiences that lead to higher conversions.

  • Hotjar - See how your visitors are really using your site.

  • Hubspot - A full platform of marketing, sales, customer service, and CRM software.

  • Rewardful - Instant Affiliate & Referral Programs for Stripe

  • Screenzy - Screenshot beautifier

  • Ship - A toolkit to ship awesome products, by Product Hunt ⛵️

Mobile Apps

  • Adalo - Turn Your Amazing App Concept Into Reality Without Coding!

  • AppOnboard Studio - Where app ideas come to life. No code required.

  • Appspotr - Create epic apps without coding

  • Appstylo - Mobile App builder maker

  • Bravo Studio - Where your designs become real native apps

  • Convertigo - Create Mobile Apps & PWAs for iOS & Android with no coding

  • draftbit - Create, customize, and launch mobile apps all from your browser. Source code included.

  • miniAppMaker - Make mobile apps using Airtable!

  • Thunkable - The No-Code App Builder


  • AND CO - Invoicing, Proposals & Expense Tracking

  • Paypal - Send Money, Pay Online or Set Up a Merchant Account

  • Trolley - Get paid with no code


  • Octoparse - Easy Web Scraping for Anyone

  • Parsehub - Free web scraping.

  • Spider - Turn websites into organized data without code.


  • Loom - Seamless screen, mic, and camera recording for Chrome

Visual Programming


  • Vuix - Design voice apps in minutes.


  • Instavr - Make your VR apps in minutes

Web Apps

  • Adalo - Create an app without code.

  • Boundless - Create dynamic, multisided web applications without code.

  • Bubble - Build production-ready web apps.

  • Cloud Canal - Static Sites -> Web Apps

  • Convertigo - Create Web Applications with low code and no code

  • Corvid - Build advanced web applications, hassle-free.

  • OnOut - Build Blockchain DApps on your own domain in one-click.

  • SpreadsheetWeb - A NoCode platform for Excel users

  • Stacker - Build web apps in your browser, without code.

  • Widgetic - A marketplace for website building blocks.


  • appsmith_ - Frontend as a Service to build internal apps

  • Bloggi - A simple blogging platform

  • Bookmark - Create a Website with AI

  • Grapedrop - Free and custom websites and landing pages

  • IM Creator - Free Website Builder

  • Jimdo - Your Website Builder‎

  • - Immersive hyperlink previews to keep visitors on your website

  • Memberspace - Turn your audience into paying members.

  • Sheet2Site - Turn your 📗 Google Sheets into 🎨 professional websites

  • Squarespace - All-in-one platform to build a beautiful online presence.

  • Strikingly - Make a website in minutes

  • Tilda - Create beautiful websites without any code.

  • Udesly - Use Webflow to create WordPress and Shopify Themes

  • Universe - Make an awesome website from your phone.

  • Versoly - The Easiest Way to Build Your SaaS Website

  • Webflow - Break the code barrier, Build better business websites, faster. Without coding.

  • Webnode - Easy & Free Website Maker

  • Weebly - Build a Free Website or Online Store

  • Weld - Be creative without code – Interactive content tool

  • Without Code - Code Free Website Builder

  • Wix - Free Website Builder


  • ApexOracle - Build enterprise apps 20x faster with 100x less code.



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