Awesome AdTech

A curated list describing the technology behind advertising!

Whilst advertising is a broad field, this awesome list describes specifically the technology behind it. In this list, expect to learn about the software, datasets, and other technology that brands and agencies use to perform their digital advertising activities!

Awesome AdTech was created and is maintaned by AirGrid, but contributions from the community to this list are welcome! Just edit the (this document) and send the changes as a pull request, guidelines are available here.


Industry Publications

📖 Read about all things adtech!

  • AdExchanger - AdExchanger provides news, analysis and events dedicated to the data-driven marketing space.

  • ExchangeWire - Tracking Ad Trading and the Exchange Marketplace.

  • The Drum - News for the marketing and media industries, with stories, job search resources, events listing.

  • Digiday - Digiday creates content, services and community that foster change in media and marketing.

Email Newsletters

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  • AdProfs - Stay on top of important ad tech news in fewer than 15 minutes with one email every Sunday.


🎙️ So you're telling me you haven't tried listening, and dreaming about adtech as you sleep?


👪 Geek out and learn something new, with open discussions between those deeply into ad-tech!



  • Programmatic Heads - An open slack group, with plenty of discussion around DSPs, DMPs, etc.




🔬 Stay ahead of the game, by reading from the bleeding edge!

  • eMarketer - eMarketer is the first place to look for data and research on digital for business professionals who need to be prepared for the work ahead.

  • OpenSource Mindshare - Currently hosting just a single research paper on augmentation of survey data.

  • LUMA Content - The go to resource for market M&A activity news, covers both AdTech & MarTech.

Learning Resources

🤓 Level up your expertise, by learning from structured resources!


📅 As any hardened industry veteran would know, AdTech events are mainly about copious consumption of alcohol. The list below is not an exception to that rule.

Open Source

💻 AdTech is not known for producing many open technologies, but there are a few gems to uncover!


  • EdgeKit - Open source, cookie-less and privacy focused audience creation & monetisation.

  • Nameles - Entropy based invalid traffic detection and pre-bid filtering.

  • Prebid.js - Popular header bidder wrapper.

  • Index Wrapper - Header bidder wrapper released for verification by the community rather than usage.

  • RTB Kit - RTBkit is an open-source software package that allows you to create and deploy a Real Time Bidder for display advertising.

  • Revive Adserver - The world's most popular free, open source ad serving system.

  • BidMachine Ad Exchange - Open source mobile ad exchange.


  • Terabyte Click Logs - Train ML models that learn click-through rate (CTR) prediction models at scale.

  • Counterfactual Learning Dataset - Train and evaluate counterfactual models that learn from logged user-interaction data, to build interactive systems such as search engines and recommendation systems.

  • Kaggle Click Prediction - Predict CTR on display ads, from a dataset < 50 MB.

  • Third Party Scripts - Data describing which third party entities are most responsible for excessive JavaScript execution on the web.


🛡️ AdTech is a fairly intrusive industry, but the current trend has been towards more privacy focused products and methods.

  • Google Privacy Sandbox - The Privacy Sandbox project’s mission is to “Create a thriving web ecosystem that is respectful of users and private by default.”

  • Google FLOC - The most advanced of the Sandbox proposals, aims to replace cross site behavioural audiences.

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