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We are a venture studio incubating and working with early stage startups to mentor, develop and launch their businesses.

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What is Design Sprint

  • The Design Sprint is a five-day process developed at GV for answering critical business questions through design, prototype, and idea testing with actual users.
  • Design sprint is derived from design thinking to solve problems effectively within a specific time range.
  • We help you cut to the chase and avoid busywork by compressing months of work into a single week. At the end of sprint you will have a high fidelity, interactive prototype and a sound value proposition.

Why use Design Sprint

  • Minimize endless-debates and compress development cycle from months to weeks.
  • Quickly test an idea and get clear data from a realistic prototype instead of waiting to launch a minimal product.
  • Fast-forward into market, and lower the risks of making any expensive commitments in vain.

Keep Pace with the Most Innovative Companies

Design Sprint has been run by many global enterprises, such as Slack, Airbnb, Uber, Medium and McKinsey.

How to Process Design Sprint


  • Map out the problem and challenge
  • Pick an important goal to focus


  • Ideate mass solutions
  • Sketch competing solutions


  • Curate and vote on the best solutions
  • Figure out details with the Storyboard


  • Hammer out a prototype
  • Set-up user interviews


  • Test the prototype with real users
  • Collect feedback and define the next steps
Proven Method

Why Work with Tenten

Multidisciplinary Team
We are the only team of marketers, strategists, designers, and developers in Taiwan that helps ambitious leaders change the game with the Sprint methodology. Our expertise from working at the intersection of marketing, product, and design is the foundation for wayfinding and value creation.

History of Successful Sprints

We help startup founders, company leaders and stakeholders solve critical business problems with our tried and true process. Whether it's creating a digital product or service, we deliver better and faster.

Some Questions We Get Asked Regularly

We get a lot of questions about our service. You can get any answers in no time here.

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    The Design Sprint is a process invented at Google to accelerate decision-making  and reduce risk in strategic projects.  It is now used by the most innovative companies in the world. The objective of a Sprint is to validate your concept within a week by building a prototype and testing it on your future customers in a friendly and creative atmosphere.

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    To survive and grow, companies must continuously innovate. Sprints are primarily used to user testing ideas and solve challenges of digital transformation. Design Sprints are highly praised by innovation managers, management and marketing teams.

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    Do Sprints always last 5 days?

    We use the Design Sprint model over 5 days. Usually, these are consecutive days, from Monday to Friday. But it's also possible to split the sprint over 2 weeks if it's more convenient.

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    Fresh, pragmatic and efficient, the Sprint revolutionizes the way teams work and collaborate. The return on investment is substantial because a Design Sprint condenses months of work into just a few days.

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    You have your real prototype and concrete feedback from your users. At this point, your vision is clear and allows you to make the right decision. Re-launch a second sprint to iterate and refine the solution in order to launch production or step back from the concept and explore the possibilities more precisely thanks to user research and slow innovation.