Social media image size guideline (Facebook OG, Twitter, Line)

Social media image size guideline (Facebook OG, Twitter, Line)

If you want an efficient social network presence, you're mosting likely to like photos that fit with News Feeds, timelines, and streams. The difficulty is that the various networks use different shapes and sizes for their images, as well, as to keep you on your toes, they occasionally change them too.

We have you covered, though. From LinkedIn to Twitter to the photo extravaganza of Pinterest, here are the image sizes for the significant networks' updated social networks.


Facebook Photo Sizes

  • Facebook Cover photo dimension: 851px x 315px desktop/ 640 pixels large by 360 pixels mobile
  • Facebook Profile photo size: 180px x 180px (appears as 160 × 160 on desktop, 128 × 128 pixels on mobile phones and also 36 × 36 pixels on a lot of attribute phones).
  • Facebook Shared Picture: 1200 X 630.
  • Facebook Group Cover image dimension: cover image must be at least 400 pixels wide and 150 pixels tall.
  • Facebook Occasion Cover image dimension: 1920 by 1080 pixels.

facebook cover image and profile photo picture dimensions.

facebook shared image measurement 2017.

Sharing a Photo on Facebook.

Any Facebook image you share will be resized (not cropped) to 470px square. Smaller photos get blurred, larger ones lose detail, and any script in a larger picture ends up unreadable.

Landscape images obtain similar therapy-- they're resized to fit standard 470px Information Feed width, with elevation scaled to match. But if they're already more minor than that, they aren't resized: they're shown in News Feed with the white area at the side.

Picture (vertical) photos are resized by elevation to 394 px high. If your image is narrower than Information Feed when it's resized, Facebook shows it with white room at the side.

Sharing a Web Link on Facebook.

Images affixed to links show in a sneak peek at 470px (Information Feed width) by 246 px. Facebook uses the og: photo tag to choose which image to display from a linked item of web content. You can move this tag around to decide which pic you wish to reveal; however, remember these images will certainly be cropped-- not resized-- top and lower to fit the picture dimensions. If you don't have an ego: picture tag, Facebook will certainly display an image as a 158px square thumbnail photo.


Twitter Photo Sizes.

  • Twitter Header dimension: 1500px x 500px.
  • Twitter Profile size: 400px x 400px.
  • Tweeted Picture dimension: 440 x 220 pixels.

twitter header as well as profile photo picture dimensions 2017

Headers and Account Images on Twitter.

Twitter header photos need to be as high resolution as feasible due to their plus size. You can use.png,. gif or.jpg documents, and there's a 5MB data size limit.

Twitter profile pictures will be shown on your page, in-stream, and in the 'who to comply with' box. So a recognizable image is important.

twitter tweeted image dimension 2017.

Sharing a Picture on Twitter.

Twitter used to crop tweeted images to 506px vast by 253px high. Now, tweeted pictures are displayed uncropped as long as they remain in a 2:1 ratio.To see to it that your picture is presented the method you want it, inspect that it hits the minimum 440px by 220px size limitation, and that it's centered effectively.

Sharing a Link on Twitter.

When you share a link on Twitter, Twitter grabs info from the link's target, consisting of a summary, title and a featured photo. The photo that's defined in the metadata will normally get used, and it's best to make use of a picture that's 1024px by 512px (that 2:1 proportion applies) to make certain it doesn't get distorted.


Pinterest Image Sizes.

  • Pinterest Profile Picture size: 165px x 165px circle.
  • Expanded Pin-- Optimum pin width: 735px x endless.
  • Pinterest Board cover: 217px x 146 pixels.

8. Pinterest

9. Pinterest.

In the feed, Pinterest images reveal at 235px with the elevation scaled to fit. Click on a Pin to expand it and it's displayed at 736px wide, with the height scaled to match. Pinterest recommends a facet proportion of in-between 2:3 and 1:1.35, with a minimal photo width of 600px.


LinkedIn Photo Sizes.

  • Background picture: 1536 x 768.
  • Profile picture: 400 x 400.
  • Message picture (open chart): 1200 x 630.


On your individual LinkedIn account, we recommend making use of Background Photo that has a dimension of 1536 x 768, as well as a Profile Photo that's 400 x 400. For sharing blog posts on LinkedIn, we suggest making use of a picture that's 1200 x 630.


Instagram Picture Sizes.

  • Instagram Account Picture size: 110px x 110px minimum.
  • Instagram Image dimension: Post a photo with a width of at the very least 1080 pixels.

instagram photo image and profile photo dimensions 2017

Account Photo on Instagram.

The thumbnail pictures on your
account page are 161px square, and also

header pictures been available in 2 sizes: 204px square, or a larger, featured photo at 409px square. ### Sharing a Photo on Instagram. Instagram survives on pictures.

It made use of to allow only square, 1080px pictures. Currently you can submit a 1080px by 1350px vertical image or a 1080px by 566px straight image. The 1080px screen-filling width is the constant in Instagram images. YouTube. -------. YouTube Picture Sizes. * YouTube Network Art size: 2560px x 1440px.

  • YouTube Video thumbnail: 1280px x 720px. * YouTube Network symbol: 800px x800px photo.

map wp-tag-youtube- channel-art-channel-icon-video-thumbnail-image-dimensions-2017/ wp-end-tag

Network Art.

Youtube Channel Art pictures need to be a minimum of 2048px by 1152px. Anything smaller will reveal
up grayed out in the Your Photos tab and you won't be able to use them. The max documents dimension is 4MB. If you include logos or text, remember that this will certainly present extremely differently throughout various devices: the cropping can be
unpredictable as well, meaning it's tough to be sure that the part of your photo with the message or branding is going the show up, without a lot of trial and error.

If you use a 2550px by 1440px photo, however, there's a trusted 1540px by 427px' secure area 'dead in the middle of the image that will certainly show up on all gadgets. Tumblr. ------. Tumblr Picture Sizes.

  • Tumblr header size: 1100px x 500px. * Tumblr profile image size: 128px x 128px.


image blog post: post a photo of a minimum of 300px in width, it will be instantly
scaled to 540px width.
10. Tumblr

Account and Header Photos on Tumblr. A 64px square avatar picture will be displayed beside your articles. ### Sharing a Web Link on Tumblr.

Tumblr grabs and shows a thumbnail at 130px square.

when you share a web link.

Sharing a Photo on Tumblr.

If you're posting a picture blog post, go for 540px by 810px, or 1280px by 1920px for hi-res.
Inline images can go as high as 540px broad: they'll be displayed by doing this if they're over 300px.