Made in Webflow 展示區

Webflow 重新設計了 Show case 展示區並正式改名為 "Made in Webflow", 以及新的標章 "Webflow site of the day", 讓大家更方便的能夠瀏覽全球設計師的創意 - 推出時間 2022 年 6 月 21 日

從今天開始,Webflow展示區現在被稱為 "Made in Webflow",而且外觀看起來跟過去有些不同

Made in Webflow為我們今年晚些時候推出的一些令人興奮的新功能打好地基--比如新的創建者檔案。此外,這次更新將在幾周後為工作區用戶解鎖,使其能夠在Made in Webflow上展示和分享其Webflow項目。

現在,Made in Webflow並沒有提供所有與Showcase相同的功能,比如留下評論的能力。我們的首要任務是儘早讓您訪問Made in Webflow,同時在未來幾個月內繼續使它變得更好。但不要擔心:我們已經在努力使評論儘快恢復!與此同時,所有的評論歷史都將被刪除。

關於URL更新的說明雖然展示廳的URL已經更新,但舊網址也會被重新導向,所有現有的連結將繼續工作 - 包括任何Webflow聯盟推薦連結。

Starting today, the Webflow Showcase is now called Made in Webflow, and it looks a little different!

Made in Webflow paves the way for some exciting new features we’ll introduce later this year — like new Creator Profiles. Plus, this update will unlock the ability for Workspace users to showcase and share their Webflow projects on Made in Webflow in just a few weeks.

Right now, Made in Webflow doesn’t offer all of the same functionality that Showcase did, like the ability to leave comments. Our priority was to give you access to Made in Webflow sooner rather than later, while continuing to make it better over the coming months. But don’t worry: We’re already working to bring comments back as soon as possible! In the meantime, all comment history has been preserved.

A note about URL updates

While Showcase URLs have been updated to reflect the new Made in Webflow name, redirects are in place, and all existing links will continue to work — including any Webflow affiliate referral links.

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