We're a task force of technologists, strategists and creatives, taking ideas to market very quickly.

Agency experience paired with startup speed.

We’re the agile no-code arm of Tenten Creative an independant digital agency based in Taipei. When we saw that more and more companies needed ways to start small and fast, we created a service that could help startups and small teams create high quality digital products, fast.

Design & strategy lead

First and foremost we’re a design team. We set a high bar for design that is informed by a strong strategy for growth.

Tailored for growth

Not everyone has a 100% ready idea when they talk to us. We help our clients define their product and assist in creating a minimum viable product that can be improved over time.

You’re in control

We don’t have expensive maintenance fees and retainers. Since everything is no-code, you and your team have full control and ability to tweak and make changes to your solution.

Fraction of the cost, twice the speed

With no need for expensive developers, we build solutions at a fraction of the cost and twice the speed compared to traditional working methods.

Some of our clients


Yale is historic lock making brand founded in the 1800’s. Yale approach us to create a no-code website with eCommerce capabilities to scale their sales in Taiwan, making it easer for people purchase and browse their wide array of locks.

Tools used

For their specific solution we created a website based on Wordpress using the Elementor builder to build a website that is easy to edit and maintain. We additionally added eCommerce capabilities using the WooCommerce platform.

This solution enabled us to provide a simple yet very effective eCommerce solutions that minimized reliance on expensive developers. While also providing top notch user experience on the front-end.

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