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metalwork made with the memory - KINJO

After three months of intense process, we can finally proudly announce that KINJO Official Site is online now. "KINJO" represent the meaning of "celebrate" in Taiwanese. KINJO studio found in 2006 under the Yangmingshan for over ten years. Started as a small silversmith studio, they accumulate reputations now has become one of the most outstanding silversmith brands which expanded more than ten stores around Taiwan, provide services for handcraft silver accessories, workshops as well as handcraft wedding rings.

metalwork made with the memory - KINJO metalwork made with the memory - KINJO
Digital Transformation is how a enterprise evolve

While the business is growing, a centralised platform to maintain information, stocking, as well as orders, is essential. Therefore, we are honoured to celebrate the 12th year of birth of KINJO with a brand new face of its official website.


After analysing the product specifications and services they offered, we integrated the off-line data into the online system. By building a secure database which contains member information, we are proudly presenting an impactful digital transformed brand with e-commerce capacity website. Regarding the CRM we created, clients can easily maintain their products also their website content from one system. Our goal is not only to create a good-looking website but to create a pleasant user journey which can implant your brand image by providing a good user experience.

Mobile is the new black

Think with Google indicated that more than 40% of users are willing to browse and purchase on their mobile devices, but often get frustrated by the website user experience, causing tremendous lost invisibly. With an optimised Responsive Experience Design (RWD), now we can give the user a seamless journey while browsing the KINJO website.

Always pursuing better experience

We expect users can find what they need without a second thought. Here are two examples to showcase the effort we put in KINJO website.

On the left screen, due to the limited spaces on mobile devices, we designed the content deliberately with essential elements. in the "Shopping Cart" screen, we fixed the "Checkout" button on top of the screen to make sure user never get lost after they browse through their shopping cart.

Moreover, on the right, the customer should find what they desire as easy as possible, so we design a filter allow the customer to sort products in a finger-snap.


Additionally, to account for the large segment of jewellery shoppers who buy products for others, customised options were integrated into the checkout experience and the Cart. There's high flexibility that customers can choose their texture, sizes even messages to craft on the product.

Perfection made by persistence

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  • Nov 2018
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