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  • ICP stands for Internet Content Provider. It is a permit issued by the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology MIIT to allow China-based websites to operate in China.
    Any web site that wants to be shown in China must have an ICP licence. All datacenters have a firewall that automatically checks ICP numbers. If you don't have one, your site will display an error. You will often see ICP license numbers on the bottom of the homepage for Chinese hosted websites.

  • There are two types of ICP numbers issued by the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology MIIT at the provincial level:

    1. Non-profit websites: include, but aren't not limited to, government site, news site, enterprise and institution for public benefit, and personal sites. For a non-profit website, you should apply for an ICP.
    2. Commercial sites: include, but aren't not limited to, sites with online advertisement, e-commerce sites, sites providing host & server co-location services, sites getting paid for online services etc. For commercial websites, you must apply for an ICP license registration.
  • No. Only websites based in Mainland China are required to register for an ICP license. but if you are concerned about the connecting speed, then you definitely will need to apply for a ICP licence.

  • As fast as 7 to 9 business days.

  • After you receive the ICP number and the certificate, please upload it to the bottom of your website's home page.

  • Aliyun is Alibaba’s response to Amazon Web Services for the Chinese market. Some would call it a clone, however Aliyun has not just copied the features and services of AWS, but rather developed a full product range that meet the requirements of the Chinese marketplace.
    As for cloud servers, Aliyun is available at 5 data center locations: Hangzhou, Beijing, Qingdao, Shenzhen and Hong Kong. Multiple Linux and Windows operating systems are available. Currently Aliyun's website is available in Chinese only and does not seem to support international payment options. Clearly it is a service that is targeting business and individual customers in mainland China at the time.

  • If you don’t read Chinese, you’ll need help. Aliyun website and management panel interface is currently only available in Chinese. If you’re not sure how to proceed, we are happy to help you.


Applying for an ICP license is important for any foreign company who wants to do business in China.
It’s a legal certificate for individuals and companies to run their business online. If you are considering entering the Chinese online market to expand your business, an ICP license is in your future so make sure you meet the requirements and have all the necessary documents ready early to save you time and hassle later.


Because the ICP license is provided only for Chinese citizens and companies, by the licince we provide, the government may cancel your ICP at anytime if there is any conflict with the China law. We provide agent application services but the Chinese government does not allow this. We do not provide any warranty for the ICP licenses that our agents help you apply for.

Use of our ICP registration assistance implies acknowledges having read, and agreed to, this disclaimer. Typically, you will not see any problems with ICP licensing if your site does not violate Chinese law. We have customers who have been registered for as long as five years.

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