Expanding the Horizons of a Digital Agency

Tomorrow's Possibilities Unleashed: The Agency for Freethinking.

Tenten is a pioneering agency that helps its clients navigate the complex and ever-changing landscape of customers, competitors, and technologies. By combining pioneering research into human behavior with the best academics, creatives, and digital innovators, we're able to redefine what's next and stay ahead of the curve.

Ideally Positioned for Superior Performance and Growth

As a group of highly-integrated independent agencies, Tenten is uniquely positioned to outpace and outperform traditional agencies. Our agile operating model enables us to innovate at speed, optimize scientifically, and operate with the security of an established agency group. We partner with enterprise brands that want to solve big problems and create sustainable commercial success. Together, we explore new possibilities and push boundaries to unleash potential.

Expansive Ideas Grounded in Behavioral Science

At Tenten, we believe that the strongest digital strategies are powered by understanding users. Through in-depth research into how people behave, we positively impact their digital experiences. Our agile approach blends digital and design, science and storytelling, unparalleled tech and unrivaled audience insight. Everything we do is rooted in real-world understanding and backed by a relentless focus on the end results. It's this balance of innovation and rigor that enables us to digitally transform your business.

A Gathering of Varied Minds and Innovators

Our digital team comprises highly skilled specialists from all walks of life, from academics to artists, behavioral scientists to brand creatives. Together, we strive to improve brands, businesses, and lives through boundless digital. We believe the best solutions come from wider collaboration and approaching problems from various angles. Our limitless mindset, backed by deep behavioral research, powers us to create real commercial and societal impact.

Collaborating to Generate Revolutionary Ideas

At Tenten, we work directly with our clients to create breakthrough ideas. We bring together the best people from all corners of Tenten Group to build a bespoke team of problem-solvers. It's this diversity of thought that makes all the difference, collaborating with insatiably curious minds to explore, experiment, and elevate your digital.

End-to-end Digital Mastery Delivered
  • Digital product or service innovation, design and development
  • Mobile Apps
  • UX, research, journeys and design
  • Digital strategy and transformation
  • Enterprise ecommerce development and optimization
  • System and Data integration
  • Technology strategy and roadmap
  • Migration to modern, composable architectures
  • Online/offline digital services
  • Managed Services
  • Digital tools for improving operational efficiencies
  • Strategic partnerships with Contentful, Sitecore, ContentStack, Drupal, commercetools
  • Emerging technology and connected experiences (IoT)
  • Implementation of enterprise content management systems (CMS)