Search & Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing That Drives Impact in the Age of Democratized Digital Expertise

With the advent of digital technology, marketing has become faster, simpler, and more accessible to everyone. However, this simplicity has also led to increased competition. At Tenten, we have a team of experts in research, technology, and behavioral science, who help us leverage deep audience insights to create targeted digital marketing campaigns that capture your audience's attention. We understand that achieving limitless results requires more than just a magic wand. Instead, we rely on strategic search engine optimization, goal-oriented paid search campaigns, and user journeys that are grounded in psychology to drive measurable impact for your brand.

Diverse Ideas Fueling Multifaceted Marketing Strategies

Tenten is a group of digital agencies that merges consumer psychology with behavioral economics and marketing expertise. Our approach blurs the boundaries of traditional digital marketing agencies, bringing together academic and creative specialists to drive campaign results to new heights. We collaborate with ambitious brands that aspire to build stronger digital strategies and benefit from our in-depth marketing expertise in designing, deploying, and managing campaigns that connect with their audiences. Rather than relying on intuition, we leverage our expertise to de-risk investments and drive higher returns by influencing your audience's emotional response.

From Conventional to Behavioral: The Evolution of Marketing

Our scientific approach is rooted in detailed data and psychological theories, which enable us to identify your target audience's desires accurately. By comprehending their emotional and rational motivations, our team of digital marketing experts create groundbreaking campaigns that predict, measure, and influence their reactions. We achieve this by bringing together a unique blend of academic minds, creative makers, and digital marketers, leading to unexpected and breakthrough ideas. Our specialists are unshackled to any specific channel, and we explore and experiment to find unimagined ways to make your campaigns work even harder.

Unleashing Unconventional Marketing Minds Across Multiple Channels

Our digital marketing specialists bring expertise in organic search, video, mobile, web, and adtech. With a 360-degree approach, we have the freedom to explore and find the best routes to success for every campaign. Our team of best-in-class digital talent and 360° knowledge helps us push performance to unparalleled levels. From creative ideation to ad placement and beyond, we immerse ourselves in your brand to unleash your marketing potential.

Performance-Driven Partnerships: Building From Within for Maximum Impact

We start with strategic thinking and human understanding, using unique behavioural insights to create creative campaigns and dedicated management. Our collaborative approach ensures your brand reaches the right audience and ranks for the right keywords. As your strategic digital marketing partner, we deliver strong returns on investment and work as an extension of your team. With no-nonsense, results-obsessed teamwork, we bring groundbreaking ideas to market faster and drive higher performance.

Marketing that moves people across each area:
  • Digital strategy, driven by behavioural insight
  • Channel and campaign planning
  • Measurement, reporting and optimisation
  • Technical Search Engine Optimisation (Technical SEO)
  • Content marketing
  • Website design, development and hosting